I am inspired by... Trees!

Picture from Schalle

Love, love trees...trees are so special and we have to, give thanks to trees, so much!!!! Do you imagine our mother earth without trees... I think trees give a wonderful sense of confort and hapiness! Do you remember that tree you climb or that tree you hugged when you were a kid? let´s bring that spirit back and thank trees for the oxygen, shadow, colores and textures, beauty....

Please enjoy some of my favorite trees :)

Picture from GollyBard

Picture from Beautyspot

Picture from Pipodoll

Picture from TheHauntedHollowTree

Picture from Munieca

picture from Aliette
Thank you !!!!


  1. I love looking up at the old, old trees growing in my old old yard! I love chestnut trees and oak trees with the acorns!

  2. graias Susana... hoy tengo un rolemita kon mi teklado. no salen los signos de admirakion entre otras teklas. THANK you

  3. fabulous collection of trees. Happy to be among them!

  4. Indeed very inspiring! With nature.. it never fails :)


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