About new beginnings and the Goddess Brigid

While exploring a new page on my journal, playing with dry pastels and dissolving the color with water, this image appeared. I saw this beautiful woman and she introduced herself to me, giving me her message.

"I am Brigid, Goddess of fertility with me I bring the new life, I bring the season of Spring. 
My presence here today is to help you to prepare for the new season to come. I want you to flourish and shine bright and in full color. Spring brings new beginnings, brings the strength of life, the energy of bloom in full alignment with your purpose. New opportunities will present themselves to you, a new page is open to be filled with successes and abundance. Many changes you have received in the past year, preparing your system to be fully who you are and connect deeply with your gifts and talents. Know that you are ready! From now on everything will be much easier, everything will flow like a bird flying, the water running through the rivers, or the wind blowing in the top of the mountains. You are now who you are. You have reached your center, living your purpose and dedicated with devotion to your sacred work. Know that I, Brigid, am with you helping you to have the strength needed to overcome any challenge and to blossom like a beautiful flower as you deserve. Call my name and receive the freshness of Spring, the promise of an open door, the freshness of the new life, the release of what not serves you. Be at peace at all times, so all of us are with you, helping you with every single detail of your life. Surrender and be.
We bless you and love you
I am Brigid "

It's my  first time receiving Brigid, she as such an evolving fresh energy. Feels like a beautiful spring, sunny day.
I want to share this personal message with you, because it reinforces this week's message  about a new cycle and the need be present and aware of this energy, that is culminating in this new moon      (starting today in my zone), bringing important new beginnings, for each and one of us. 
We are living in such incredible, sensitive times. So much is going on...so many transformations, ups and downs, so many emotions... we are releasing old patterns, old programs, facing our shadows and most important, for the first time and in a new way, giving birth to the light within. A new Earth is here and becoming more each day and you are an important part of this transformation.
Even it seems challenging and so much can't be explained by common words, I just want to tell you that things are changing for better. Do not pay attention to the chaos, but remember that is only part of the path for this important transformation to take place. This Light Birth is why we came in the first place, to be part of this new times and to help things to grow and be anchored fully on the Earth.

In this new beginnings, remember:
-to welcome this new energy. 
-take time to connect with yourself and listen what is calling you.
-Ask your Spirit Guides  to help you to understand the signs. To bring you the inspiration and strength you need to give the steps in the direction that is your purpose to be upon. 
-In this new moon, make the intention to be fully present and invite what do you need to come to you. Even if you don't know what is it, the important is that you make the intention. The Universe and your Spirit Guides will take care of the rest and will  help you in understanding what you need.
-New doors are opening, you can call Brigid, with this fresh starts.
May we all flow easily, may we all be in profound clarity, may we live in joy and connected with who we really are. Wishing for infinite abundance, eternal peace, health and well-being for all here on Earth.

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Fairy inspired

Every Wednesdays I go for a walk in nature. From this walk I bring magic dust, bliss and grace home.
Is a time of recharging batteries in the middle of the week, a time of presence and gratitude. Observing the beauty of nature, walking over the amazing carpets of leaves, so perfect at this time of the year.

In the park I have a tree friend, I believe they all are my friends, but this one is what I call an allie. I greet her and ask if I can receive its energy. Then I feel her answer and I put my back in her trunk, receiving what she as to give me, that is pure bliss and love from nature.

Thank you dear tree! - I say - see you next week!

From the energies of the tree and elementals present this page has borne. Watercolors, pencils and pens mixed together. If you like you can see bits of the creative process on my Instagram story.

Sending nature blessings 


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Much love 
Susana Tavares


Why painting portraits, a conversation with my higher self 💗

After so many years, I am painting different subjects than portraits and I was wondering why. Today I had a wonderful conversation with my higher self and I want to share it with you, specially if you are an artist and you love to paint portraits.

Being creative, it always have been part of who I am. I believe all of us are creators, bringing inside creative gifts that we can express in the most different ways. The creative process is a way for us to connect with our Soul and bring forth this amazing energy, that represents who we really are. The expression of your essence!

Trough life it's easy to forget who we are in essence. Playing, creating and making things we love, gives us clues and information about our precious beings.
For sure you already know we came to this planet to evolve, but we also came, to discover and to remember. This leads me to portraits and the conversation I had with my higher self & my Angels. So, they told me the reason why, I had this fixation on painting portraits over and over again, for so many years. 

I see there are many artists doing the same thing, of always finding a way to paint a portrait, it feels like an obsession. But it´s not that!
So let me tell you what I found, when you are paining portraits in fact you are painting yourself, you are painting parts of yourself always.
And why?
Because you are remembering who you really are, you are remembering your essence, you are painting over and over until you get there, to that soul connection. You are searching, because you know there´s more, and it´s your exercise to bring to surface, that parts of you. A quest to find yourself and understand your core. Like a spiritual journey, through color, shapes and symbols. 

Most of the times we aren't even noticing what this dance with creativity is trying to tell us. But every single piece is a conversation with your soul, your emotions, your struggles, your skills and gifts. And bit by bit, you are uncovering parts of you that have been hidden for a long time.

If you are painting portraits, continue to do so, so you are making a real conversation with your soul and each one is trying to tell you something. This creative journey is an undeniable treasure, so you can listen your inner voices and remembering who you came to be. You are finding yourself!

Maybe you can pay attention to your feelings or ideas or even ask the painting, which message it has for you. Maybe it's a word or a page full of insights, but for sure it's your job to find yourself and have fun with it.
In fact I think we are continuously making Soul portraits of ourselves.

Much love,

Read the last "weekly message" from the flowers Spirits here


I am back to mixed media 😍

You know sometimes you have to let go, to be able to come back as a whole. That's what I have done. My creative expression wasn't make sense to me anymore. I had this need to simplify and go back to the basics, exploring watercolor was so perfect for that. 
This year was a deep transformational journey, now I know I needed to let go, to open space within, to learn new things and  allowing the new me come to surface.  Our intuition plays a big role, it's our inner compass, always guiding us on the perfect direction. We need to follow and embrace it, she knows so much!
I am grateful now, that I can see what I've done, in fact I feel proud of myself for having the courage to let go of Mixed media, something so dear to my heart and follow the current. Expression is my life is how I interact with the world, is my energy soul coming forth. And in some way, I knew it was important to wait, to simplify and with positive expectation waiting for the best to come. And watercolor fulfilled this requirement with perfection ;)
Of course I didn't know where I was going, but the path revealed itself to me, step by step. It always dose, if you listen!

Now I am different woman, I make soul art, I work with the Angels ( I guess I always did) , with spirit animals,  fairies, Ascended Masters and more, I connect with soul energy and I channel messages to help persons on their path. I accomplished so much, what a year! ( I know I am saying this a lot lately, but it is my truth)

I feel more than ever we are needed to live on purpose ( your life purpose) and  make it a priority. Releasing the fears and embracing our inner power to make the decisions from the heart, more than our desires, so we can serve the planet, the universe and live what we in the first place came to be.

And sometimes, to make the journey, you need to let go something. So you can learn new skills, gain new perspectives and allow the time needed until you are ready. 
If you are feeling the call for change, go for it!

So again I am expressing myself in full color and power, once more with mixed media techniques. 
Sharing photos of the process I hope you enjoy it. 

Oh and after a while I knew it was a self portrait... it´s my Soul Painting!

At this stage I thought the painting was finished, but while I slept I had this dream,  an owl was painted on my chest. It was such a perfect sight! In the morning, I finished the painting and made the welcome image of my website.

Symbology of the painting:

- Flowers - my connection with the natural world, elementals and fairies
- Crystals - deep connection with the Earth and work with the crystal energy
- Angels - the smaller Angels on the top is symbol of the Angel Realms that I work so close to. The bigger one, was a big surprise, Mother Mary, she is symbol of my ancient connection with the Divine Feminine. Feeling lately that I am working really close with Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene. So grateful!
- Owl - symbol of wisdom and messages from the Spirit animals, my life purpose.

"We are needed to live on purpose and  make it a priority"

much love,
Susana Tavares



Jesus on my dreams

Lately I've been dreaming a lot. I feel I am releasing loads and loads of patterns that do not serve me anymore. Things are changing, can you feel it?

The new energies are here to expand the consciousness of planet Earth, so releasing is part of the process, so we can be ready for this new era. On my latest dream I saw me painting Jesus and I wake up with this idea so present in me, that the only thing I could do was to go to my studio and paint.
Inspiration, joy, flow was what I felt connecting with Christic energy, a blessing.

These are the first canvas I paint in more than one year, well it worth the wait!

If you are interested in any of this Jesus original paintings please send me an email
With each one I will offer a "Life purpose" reading ✨

Investment: 133€
Size: 20 x 25 cm / 
Mixed media techniques on canvas

Much love and blessings,


Intuition and purpose

One of my favorite ways to work my intuition is with oracle cards. Make an intention or a question and take a card. This card is the your answer and will give you insights about what you need to know. I make this practice daily so I can connect with my intuition and Guides. One question that I love to make is " What do I need to know ? This way you are opened to receive what you need more than what you want 😉 and in my perspective what serves you the best ✨
My card for today is The Divine Director - intervention and purpose - this card reminds you that your divine purpose on Earth is to remember love and do what makes you happy. The Angels are working with you and you are receiving divine intervention that support your true function and live in purpose.
You can even light a candle to your life purpose, so it manifests in a perfect way for you.

In the picture you can see I have a tiny altar on my studio, with crystals, flowers and candles, the perfect sacred space for you to connect with your soul and put the messages to guide you during the day.
Creating sacred space is to inviting the Divine in your life and to remember that there is no separation between both worlds. We are one!

Oracle cards from kyle Gray - keepers of the light ( I love this deck )

Really excited with my vacations, our family is flying to Portugal next Friday and I can't wait to see the sea again and relax on the beach. Is going to be sooooo good!

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Much love,


Truth and changes


I believe we are in a time to follow our truth. The connection with your truth will reveal the path. For that you must feel, you must listen, you must be aware of who you are and what signs are around you, letting you know if there are any changes to make or keeping the path you are already taking.
Presence and stillness are great allies, so you can open space to receive messages from your truth or your soul. Everyday taking time for yourself, even for 15 minutes, will make the difference. In this sacred time start saying to yourself "Dear soul I dedicate this time to you so my truth can be revealed", then relax, meditate, close your eyes, focus on your breathing and just be. It dosen't matter if you receive a message or not, the important thing is to use this time to create space inside of you and prepare yourself to receive on the right time. So there's no need to rush, just give this time honoring your soul and connection with the Divine.

You will feel more relaxed, more energized and welcoming balance into your life. 15 minutes, simply as that.
Even if I am with my kids at home, I can create sacred space for me and relax. Off course, you need to take into consideration the ages of your children and whether they can be alone or not. Mine have 9, 12 and 18 years. Three years ago I started to implement some rules for my well being and welcoming harmony and balance into my home. The most important was setting a time to meditate and I have made a door sign saying "meditation time" they knew when this sign was on my door they couldn´t interrupt, just in case of something really important. They understood and followed this rule easily. When I finished I was ready to start again and I was feeling renewed and energized or sometimes relaxed and peaceful. Now my family is used to see me meditating everywhere and they respect my sacred space. 
They do not meditate often, but i know I the seed is there and will grow on the right time.
These last words are just to remember that you can arrange 15 minutes, even if you are surrounded with kids and dogs, you just need to compromise with your well being ;)

"Dear soul I dedicate this time to you so my truth can be revealed"

Because it´s important to me to be aligned with my truth, I have made a big change and become a vegetarian. I already ate in a healthy way, but I felt it was important to follow my truth, since I am working with Spirit Animals and subtle energies of nature.
In the first days I struggled with organizing different meals, for children and adults (my husband is taking the leap with me). I knew it was resistance to change that I was experiencing. So I simply talked with me and my Angels, thanking them for their help, to make the changes I needed to make. In the next day everything was rolling in such a good way.
Sometimes acknowledging our struggles, saying what we want and bringing peace inside, put us in place of allowing good things to come. 
Now I have embraced this change with peace and the ideas for organizing the meals are coming to me in a easy way and my body feels really good.

Now I ask you, do you need to make any change in order to allowing more well being into your life?


Relationship / couple soul painting

Today I am flying in new directions, blessed challenges that come in my way.
 Relationship/ couple soul painting. 

An intuitive interpretation of the couple energy, with the intention to elevate the relationship to its highest potential. 
Color, images and symbols will bring the right energy to your home, bringing healing and deeper connection on finding the right path for happiness and joy. 
Includes a message from the Angels.

Write me if you are interested 💗

Much love