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Watercolor girl with the Gelly plate

I love to take time to explore new ways of painting, the hair of this watercolor girl was made with the gelly plate, I know...I didn’t saw mine for years and I remembered to give it a try again and I love the result of this texture hair, beside the fun that is to use this printing methods.
If you have one Gelly plate, give it a try and have fun painting expressive hairs.
How I did it: I just applied the watercolor directly on the gelly plate, imagining the shape of the hair and printed directly on watercolor paper. Then I developed the shape of the girl from the hair. You can also make a little drawing upon the Gelly plate with a watercolor pencil and then apply the paint. Do not expect a very tidy shape, since it is watercolor and runs easily, but that’s the best of watercolor you always have surprises ( good one ;) You can always try with acrylic paint has well if you want to have more control upon the shape.

After painting my girl I cut the shape and made a collage with several kinds of pa…

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