After my vacations I always bring a good spirit in me, the one that sees with more clarity, that is full of new energy and want to change and adapt things in life for me and my family :)
I bealieve flow is that energy that moves easily in your life and adapts to your needs and makes you feel happy and aligned with you and the world around you.

Your home is your special place, is "THE PLACE", so I am  adjusting my space with love, making changes, taking what no longer serve in my life, letting go... and arranging space for the new and the good. Oh yes!


the kitchen is a mix of new and old + a painting, the one I have shared with you a few days ago and new pillows.

In my studio I have include one place for shipping orders and computer work and more places to organize shipping stuff, magazines, inspiring books and more. I love it :)

in my studio i have also included a place to sit quietly, to share a tea or a good conversation.
So you are invited !!!!!! :)

Has you can see Bolota is very happy with all this changes ;)


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Now painting the corridor!



Happiness takes courage

Oh my I am already missing my vacations, but feeling blessed to have this special time of the year where I can stop, connect to Mother Nature and have quality time with my kids and husband and of course extra attention to the pets ;)

I have started my week making some changes in my home, I like to move things around once in a while and harness the good energy I bring from the hollidays to make some large paintings for some white walls.

The first one is ready, I want something colorful, abstract with some points of tribal, oriental .... check out if you like.

I have started by painting with black gesso, a canvas I have in my studio annoying me ;) 

Next highlight some points with crazy shapes

Lots of colors in big brush stokes 

When I was happy with my background, I have made mandalas, tribal signs and write some words and include some collage elements in gold. I am happy with the result and had lots of fun.

Later I will show how it looks on my wall ;)

Wishing you a great day,