Goodbye 2014 welcome 2015 :)

Here it is my 2014 art, or a big part of it ;)
It was such a wonderful and spiritual year so full of growth and understanding, full of embracing and leting go, so full of trust and with a pieceful heart, with SO MUCH MORE FUN.... Oh my! So grateful for all the wonderful students, dear clients, followers, supporters and special artists with whom I have connected on a deep level with my heart... Thank you to each and every one of you. A special big thank you to my dear friend Mindy Lacefield that has been a huge help in so many different ways and she was the inspiration for this blog post :)

This was my year of full circles and deep connection with the natural world, thank you planet Earth for being an inspiration, a nurturing mother... Sending you my deep love and respect for you.

Thank you my dear guides and helpers, that I know are always with me, helping me everyday with everything.

I wish you a great 2015 full of blessings, wishing that you embrace and honor the special and unique being that you are, with so much potential inside.
Remember you are a creator, use that creative power to build a beautiful world to you and the ones around you.

"When your life is filled with the desire to see the holiness in everyday life, something magical happens: ordinary life becomes extraordinary, and the very process of life begins to nourish your soul! " Rabbi Harold Kushner

Xox Susana


Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!

“Our hearts grow tender with childhood memories and love of kindred, and we are better throughout the year for having, in spirit, become a child again at Christmas-time.” 
― Laura Ingalls Wilder

wishing you a wonderful Christmas full of love and haaaapppppiiiiinesssss!!!!!!!
Sending my love to you


2015 calendar - inspired by mothers and babies

My 2015 wall calendar is here to put smiles on your face :)
The entire calendar is inspired by mothers and babys featuring the most beautiful portraits I have made during the years, so it's a compilation of 12 of these paintings I have been doing for mothers around the world. And what can be more beautiful than love and painting love between mothers and childs :)

Check some of the images below.

I am super happy with the quality of the calendar, printed in a 250gr silk paper, the colors are really beautiful and bright. The size opened is a 11x16" or an A3, a perfect size to hang on your wall and make it really beautiful and inspired.

Get your here 

A big hug form Portugal
Wishing you a happy christmas full of blessings and love.
Susana Tavares


Family painting in progress

Sharing with you the creative  process of a family painting on canvas ( mother and son)

First step - I make a prayer calling my guides and set the intention to create what is better for this family, sending with my painting beautiful loving energy.
I start with collage and I use painted papers, oriental images and some tissue paper.

Next step - spread acrylic paint with lots of water to create a watercolor effect and made some natural shapes, like flowers and rain drops.

Step 3 - I look at the pictures that my customers provided and sketch their faces and bodies. In my background I found more natural shapes to adorn the painting, I make this decisions in a intuitive way.

I have painted the flowers and give a beautiful blue tone to the background and give layers of several acrylic colors and watercolor crayons until I was happy with my creation.

I already know that this mother and son loved the painting and I am so happy and honored to have this opportunity to create beautiful family moments through art.

Wishing you a happy weekend 


Mother and baby original watercolor painting


Sharing with you a mother and baby mandala painting and a tiny sweet poem :)

This little tiny baby
Was sent from God above
To fill our hearts with happiness
And touch our lives with love
He must have known
We'd give our all
And always do our best
To give our precious baby love
And be grateful and so blessed

This madala paintings is created with the intention of sending blessings, loving energy, seeds of hope, love and light to babies, mothers and families.
See some details of the painting.




This original painting is available on my etsy shop

Thank you
Sending blessings in your way



A flying Angel

Hi! I wanna show you the last custom piece I have done.
It's a big Angel :) My customer has fall in love years a go in an exhibition where I have a flying Angel that was already sold. This Christmas she decided she wanted to give her a special gift, this beautiful, full of hot tones to inspire her daily life.
Check the pick, to see the details.

It was an honor to paint this beautiful Angel for her.
Feeling blessed 


Hi !!! I have news :) 

A great opportunity to make your Christmas art shops with wonderful prices. 
Get 30% off my entire art shop, including original paintings, art classes, art prints and all the goodies I have there for you.
 Make Happy shops and spread joy and love all around you !!!

Enter the portal  here,

Wishing you a wonderful day,


P.s- this sales event start today November 27 and finish December 1 and is the last one of this year.


Who cares, let's party!


You are welcome to keep this poster and print it for you, just copy and paste or save as.
Let's embrace who we are with all our heart.

Thank you 
Sending you love,



Slowly into Christmas


The kids wanted the tree and I decided to make the tree earlier. Why not, make the kids happy and our family loves Christmas. The shining lights, Christmas songs and start to feel the magic of this amazing spirit that embrace us in this time of the year, representing so much of ourselves. The love, the harmony, the compassion, the giving and the receiving, the dreams coming true, the magic and hopes, so beautiful when you understand that this spirit is our creation and we have so much goodness inside. For me Christmas represent this greatest spirit that is inside of us.

So I am slowly making my decorations, sharing with you what I have done in some areas of my home.

Everything is simple but gives me a great joy and that is what matters :)

Wishing you a good week with sparkling magic dust


Miniature paintings

mini paintings 3

mini fox

mini girl

I believe christmas season is to be full of joy and fun, this new mini paintings are all about that ;)
So get ready for super adorable mini paintings to put a smile on your face. 
I hope you like it :)

mini bird

mini paintings 1

and I have more :)

Mini paintings 2

I found this vintage style frames and they inspired me to start this pieces with nature, children and animals, I absolutly love them :)

mini mountains

"In the mountains"

mini moon wolf  
"Full moon Wishes

mini boy 1

"The walk"

All this pieces are available in my shop

Please let me know, which is your favorite?

Susana Tavares


Decorating with art prints


So hello from my studio, this weekend I decided to buy frames to put my art prints and put my studio even more cozy. Has you can see I have got different sizes and styles and I love them all, they look so great together on the wall, don't you think ?

My idea to this wall is to be inspirational and a work in progress. My choices where prints that represent what I believe and what I want in life and I will make changes and add new art to it, when I feel like.

I have choosen:
I am -with those yummy affirmations
Om - because of passion for meditation and the gift it represents in my life
Do more of makes you happy- because that is my goal, to be always happy in what I do :)
And an original tag with the words "Pela Arte" in Portuguese they mean " for Art".

Remember to feel your space with inspiration and good vibes ;)

have a wonderful day,
Thank you 
Susana Tavares


Balance in work peaks

This time of the year artists have lots of work and things to prepare, pictures to take, packages to do, shop updates, and the list will go on.... In this peak times of work ( and I thank God for it!) my body always tries to protect me and my shoulders go super tense, like as if I am walking with a weigh on my shoulders. Not very nice!
This is when I know that I have to make the work but I also have to take care of my body and bring balance into my life.
The signs of our body are like a road map of our emotions, so if my body is not o.k in some place I know I have to work on it, so creativity and good health may flow easily.

Trust your ideas girl- art print

What I do:

- I put some music out land and dance about 15 to 30 minutes to shake my body with the intention of releasing what no longer serves me.
- I try to thing about all the positive aspects of having work ( like money flowing, opportunity to inspire more people, I think about my work traveling around the world displayed in lots of homes in different countries and I thing in their smiles...)
- I meditate at least 15 mn
- I hear and sing mantras, I love the mantras singed by Deva Premal they are very peaceful and they have a great energy, love, love, love
- stay way from sugar, and eat healthy 
- when I go for a walk with my dog I try to enjoy and relax and breath consciously 
- several times a day I stretch my body and take small breaks
- I bless my body with love and I thank him for all he does for me.
- I make a crazy doodle or spread some paint on a paper

" Do your pratice all is coming"- Sri K Pattabhi Jois

I truly believe for success in life we must balance the spiritual with the material world, the nurturing time and the action, the work and the play, the giving and the receiving, so the life can flow through you with grace and ease. 

what do you want to do today to bring more balance and calm into your life?

It's funny after writing this my shoulders are better :) thank you!!!!


Take care,


Shop update - vintage style ornaments, garlands, photo customizables and more for your christmas


Today is the day to make a shop update, with Christmas yummys to make you and the ones you love smile :)  Sweets things that I prepared for you to make you Hollidays super fun and with the special details you love.

Colorful gift Tags with beautiful girls and adorable animals - they come in packs of 7 with 3 different designs in each pack

Tiny original art - this painting calls "First snow" see more pictures here


Christmas ornaments - they are sweet, they are laminated, they are customizable with your kids or pets pictures, each pack includes 10 different ornaments 
Check this idea to make with these ornaments using washi tape + pack of ornaments + photos 




Vintage style ornaments- original pieces, painted by hand and the body is made with a vintage ornament, I love their expressions and details, perfect for your collection :)


Christmas garland - this kit includes 10 stickers +170cm string + a step by step instructions to make this adorable garland, this is a super fun project to make with your kids ;)
Check the picture.


The stickers can be a garland but they can be just stickers ;)

I hope you like all this ideas for gifts, decorate and projects,  please share your thoughts with me and thank you for all your support.