Simple creative time

What can be better than allow yourself to have quality creative time in a simple way.
Life will feel much better if you take time to slow down.
Taking time for yourself will nurture and uplift you and you totally deserve it ;)

Being creative is one of the ways that I love to nourish my energy, I just grab some simple materials, like a journal, markers, oil pastels, and 2 or 3 colors of paint. Choose what you like.
Put some music or hear something inspirational on the background, focus on your breathing and start creating without any rules, just what comes to your mind and go with the flow. Let your hand and intuition do the work. 

This is your time, so be who you need to be and express yourself with no worries.
You can just make some doodles, spread different colors of paint in a abstract way, feel your way into it and don't invite your critical side to play ;)
When you breath deeply and create, you are making an active meditation, this simple creative time will help you to connect with your inner self, to relax, to energize you and create a peaceful state of mind.

I hope you are inspired to give yourself creative time,
Sending light and love


Frida kahlo custom painting


This week I have been creating a custom Frida kahlo big painting, and it as been a delight.
I love the way this painting turned out. Beautiful colors with a playful, happy look and filled with love.
See more pics to see the details.




     "Feet what do I need you for, if I have wings to fly"
                                                                       Frida kahlo

Sending you love and light 



This is Hope.
I can't get enough of painting woman's portraits, is just something it feels so natural to me. I love to be involved in the process of creation and step by step she emerges from shadings of paint and it's always so gratifying to finally meet her :)

This one was sold yesterday on my shop :)

Wishing you perfect moments of creation,


Healing painting


Today I am sharing a painting in progress in one of those days that I was feeling "meh" ;)
Anyway, I was giving a walk on the street and I hear inside of me - Paint!
I thought- "seriously I think I am not in the mood for painting..." But since I am making my days unscheduled as possible and feeling my way into it, I resolved to follow my inner voice.
I got home and I started, without any inspiration, just spreading some paint, doodling, collaging...


I turned my canvas some times in different directions and I found this woman and then the boy, when I started drawing the boy, tears dropped down my face and I could not control, this never had happened to me before. I continue with my process, deeply feeling I was healing something in me.


I felt a deep gratitude and some insights come to me, about what I was healing, while I continue to paint.
My body and mind were so much lighter and a strong energie was flowing inside and around me and stayed present during some hours. A powerful energy is the best way my words can describe it.


Making art or expressing yourself through art, when you allow to be yourself in the moment, can really be a powerful way to deal with your issues and transmutate them into something positive. Making energy flow to you and through you. Maybe a healing powerful moment, to set free what no longer serves you.

This painting is not finished yet... i am waiting my voice tell me again to continue and for sure I will follow.

"Art opens the closets, airs out the cellars and attics. It brings healing."                                                                    Julia Cameron

Much love and light


Wonderful students artwork - Enchanted class


I am so happy with our students on the Enchanted class. This class is a partnership with Mindy Lacefield, all about painting mixed media characters from films and stories we love. 

Look at some of the amazing artwork the students have created, isn't amazing! 

They totally make my heart shine with their creations.

So far we have made: jelly fish girl, Agnes from Dispicable me, Cinderella , TinkerBell and Corps bride.
This week we will have Little Mermaid and princess Tiana, can't wait to see their characters.

If you like to come along and join us, you are welcome and do the class at your own pace. you are going to have fun, conect with your inner child and create wonderful art!!!!!!

Wishing you a creative wonderful week,