Angels everywhere

I am having a great time making this Angel art dolls, aren´t they lovely ?
They are made of cloth and painted by hand.
They stand alone in a piece of furniture, I think they make a lovely decoration for this season.
Do you notice this autumn, my favorite time of the year and the time my daughter has born ( she made 9 this weekend) I feel real inspired and I think is the first year I am very organized ;) Hopefully ( and wishing)keep it that way the whole year.

One of this beautys was already sold, but the other 2 are available in shop and I hope they find a wonderful home to live.

You already know how I love angels and believe in them, this one is my day 32 in the Upliftings Words and Art blog, talking about it have you visit me ? I hope so, I would love that you join me on this positive 9 month project.

wishing you a wonderful day,



Thank you! Postcards

Hi. I am here today to show you my new Postcards.
They where inspired in the oriental world and nature, and I love to combine this themes together, with color, diferente shapes, that make them modern and special ( I guess ;)
I am selling them in my shop in packs of 5 (one of each) , they are colorful with a sweet message perfect to combine and give in diferent moments.

I hope you like them and they are even more beautiful on hand.

Thank you!



Collage and paint my favorite!

Hi beautiful people, how are you? I hope you are great :)
Here in my studio I am working on new mini Frida paintings, with lot´s of collage and sweetness.
When I think what I really, really love to do, is this- grab some papers, fabrics, ribons and start matching them in a canvas and then paint and details, this really makes me happy.

Leaving you with a sweet pic of my daughter and Lua (moon) my cat. 
She is really a different cat, she never goes to our lap, even when she wants petting, she goes behind our heads and rubs in our hair, she always have to do the things her way.
But she adorable anyway.
Do you have a crazy cat ? please let me know

Have a wonderful day,



The shift - sharing a wonderful movie from Dr. Wayne Dyer

Sharing a beautiful documentary where Dr. Wayne Dyer talks about the wisdom of living a life with purpose. Totally touches my soul, so I have to share it with you.

Have a wonderful week


Fall - Inspiration Board

I really love Fall I think is my favorite season, love the colors, the fresh breeze, love to hear and smell the rain, love to cook pies and drink hot tea, read a good book in a cozie blanket. Hummmm!!!! 
So I picked this pictures from my Autumn album on Pinterest

Autumn cinnamon brownies

The richness of nature in colors, forms and textures just like a painting.

A creative way to be grateful !

Free Printable - Beautiful to write to a dear friend

I hope you get inspired this season!
Please share with me what you love about Fall, I would love to know :)

Sending to you all the good.



Feeling like a cat girl ?

Are you feeling like a Cat Girl ?
Do you love the moon and the stars? 
Do you have a crush on cats?

I have the right badge for you :)

Available in my shop for all the Cat girls!




iCreate Flix - Art Classes

Featured Artist Susana Tavares 

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Open your arms !

Day 18

My project to cheer peoples up, with positive words remains, a project that I do with pleasure, for what I believe, which is to think positive and to radiate good vibes that can make a difference and inspire those who are around us.
This project will have a duration of nine months, my time of gestation of this project.
The idea here is not to complicate, the process is simple and fun, as being positive ;)
I choose or write an inspiring quote or affirmation , and every morning I make an illustration or a drawing on it. 
On a daily basis (during weekdays) you can count on your positive message that I post in Uplifting Words and art blog.
Who knows if you can find one that inspires you ;)
 I Hope you like it !


O meu projeto de animar o pessoal, com palavras positivas continua, um projeto que faço com todo o prazer, por aquilo em que acredito que é a pensar positivo e a irradiar boas vibes que podemos fazer a diferença e inspirar os que estão á nossa volta.
Este projeto vai ter a duração de nove meses, o meu tempo de gestação deste projeto.
A ideia aqui não é complicar , o processo é simples e divertido como o ser positivo ;)
Escolho uma frase ou afirmação inspiradora e todas as manhãs faço uma ilustração, uma pintura ou um desenho sobre a mesma. 
Diáriamente (durante os dias da semana) podes contar com a tua mensagem positiva que coloco  no Uplifting Words and art blog.
Quem sabe se encontras alguma que te inspire ;)
Espero que gostes!

Day 19

May your day be wonderful with all the best!


Que o teu dia seja maravilhoso com tudo de bom !



I have a winner for the Soul Food Class Giveaway

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The spot in the Soul Food Class goes to : 

Shelley Rose
Congratulations dear Shelley!!!!!
I hope you have lot´s of fun in this class :)



Shop update - postcards, art prints, pocket mirror, collage sheets,printable art doll

Hi everyone it´s possible we are already on October 7 and I haven´t share the news with you ;)
My shop is filled with beautiful new stuff and you have to see it right.
I have new art prints, Postcards, new collage sheets (instant download), gift boxes, Printable art doll and pocket mirrors. Everything available in my etsy shop

INSTANT DOWNLOAD Paper doll and fox set house words collage sheet woodland yellow orange brown
Printable art doll to to cut and assemble yourself, and Have fun!!!!

New instant downloads - collage sheets

Magic is here - Pack of 2 collage sheets
Simply print anytime you want!

Once upon a time - Pack of 2 collage sheets 
Check the video to see how I use them :)
Gift boxes

say it with clay- susana tavares
Pack 3 gift boxes
Say it with clay 2 - Susana Tavares
Pack of 3 beautiful unique gift boxes, painted by hand are full of sweetness for you to pass on a lovely gift
This gift box have the perfect size to hold a piece of jewellery, favours, candy or trinkets!


postcards 1
This postcards are inspired by nature and oriental shapes that i love to mix toguether.
I hope you like them, and please let me know what do you think (in the comment section)

postcard 15

Pack 5 postcards 
postcard 11
postcard 9

Pocket mirrors


mirror 1

mirror 4
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see the available pocket mirrors here

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Have a wonderful day and I am so grateful for all of you.
Thank you :)