Soul Food interview with me, Susana Tavares + Giveaway

Have you heard, i will be teaching in the amazing SOUL FOOD class coming December 30, 2013!  39 artists will be there, over 6 months for a mix of art and craft projects as diverse as the different personal styles of our instructors: cool mixed media techniques, art dolls and other sewing projects, jewelry making, handmade journals, abstract art, portraits, sculpting, works on canvas and in journals. 

Find out more! 

Today is the day of my interview and prepare yourself because Winnie the Poo will be there with me.

Do you like surprises, yes! O.k , Winnie and I have one for you :) - Mystele, Heather and Jeanette have made it possible to offer One spot in the soul Food Class, iiiuuuuuhhhh

What you have to do?

Just comment on this post and I will pick one lucky winner to be announced on October 8! Thanks for watching and participating! Good luck 

I hope to see you there creating with us, in the Soul food Class !



Super fun collage sheets + mixed media art video

I have created a super fun collage sheets for you to use in your journal, art work, craft projects, backgrounds....just cut and paste, the sky is the limit!
  Available in my shop with 2 themes- The Magic is here and Once upon a time 
The collage sheets are instant Download with 2 sheets each and you can print it has many times you want.

Magic is here - collage sheets

Once upon a time - collage sheets

Check the video for ideas :)

Fun right ?
Plase let me know what you think in comment section



On my table...

On my table, are these lovely girls with sweet pets, worked with aquarelles, collage and acrylic paints and a lot of sweetness ;)  Almost ready to go these beautiful bookmarks.
I chose a bunny, a dog and cat, 
Is there any animal, you would love me to paint along with one of this girls ?

Please let me know what you think, in the comment section, thank you!



Home sweet home!

I'm about to make this post for a while now ... but just now I am publishing it. 
It's my space and is sacred to me, I share it with you so that you may know me better :)
Welcome to my home!
I live in Lisbon / Portugal in the middle of the city, with my husband my 3 children, Mr. Dog and Ms. Cat.
Since last year when I  moved to this new house I started working in home, something that I have never done before, but this house is big , so I have space for everything. To live , to work and even hide ;)

The living room

The hall

The younger kids room

The entrance for my room

My Room

The Kitchen

My studio

here I make my computer work

My messy creative place- where I paint

a sweet corner

I hope you like it!

Leave your words in the comment section :)
Thank you

Day 4 is up in the Uplifting Words and Art blog.



Say it with Clay - sweet package - Dawanda Competition

Hi everyone! I was invited by Dawanda (Marketplace for unique and handmade items) to participate in a competition. They send me a secret package and I had to create something with it.
My package has Fimo Air clay Microwave ,(this clay is super light and it cooks on the microwave in 10 mn- cool right :)
So came up with this idea to make a happy, simple and sweet package.
I have made 60 heads with the help of my daughter and it was a lot of fun.

How to:

Step 1- stretch the clay with a  roller
Step 2 - cut the round shape with cookie cutter and with a stick make 2 tiny holes in each side
Step 3 - cook them in the Microwave and a glass of cold water for 10 m
Step 4- paint them with acrylics
Step 5 - insert the string in each side in the round shape and applies to your package

I hope you are inspired to create super cute packages :)

And because it´s a competition go here and please LIKE my photo :)
Thank you!


PSSSTTTTT.....Don´t forget to check out my DAY 2 in the Uplifting words and art Blog


Custom Family portrait + New blog

This is a Family Custom painting ordered in my Etsy shop.
Mother and daughters love in a beautiful sunset.
How can you order your custom painting?
Easy, just send me a message with a few pics of your family, the colors you love or some theme and the size of the painting you want, and I will make you an original painting, so special like you and your family :)

check more details  here

I have some news for you :)

I have decided to challenge myself with a project.

This project is called UPLIFTING WORDS and ART 

A place to find uplifting words, affirmations, quotes, words of wisdom to inspire you everyday. A project that I will develop during 9 months, Monday to Friday where I will post every working day an affirmation or an illustrated quote by me Susana Tavares.

This is my first day of challenge, I hope you join me in this journey, hoping I can uplift your day with positive words and inspirational art.
Check day one



Soul Food Art Class Ingredients

Check out the new SOUL FOOD class coming December 30, 2013! Join 39 artists and I am part of this list :) Over 6 months for a mix of art and craft projects as diverse as the different personal styles of our instructors: cool mixed media techniques, art dolls and other sewing projects, jewelry making, handmade journals, abstract art, portraits, sculpting, works on canvas and in journals. Find out more! 

I hope to see you there creating with us in the Soul food Class
Psssttt.... Payment plans available ;)

Take a pick



Happy school for kids- printables

Happy school for kids....
Here we go again, kids are starting a new year and has a mom I decided to create a sweet line of printables. Let me show you ...
Aqui vamos nós outra vez, as crianças estão a começar um novo ano escolar e como mãe decidi criar uma linha escolar para imprimir em casa as vezes que quiser. Passo a mostrar...

boy eng
I have made 2 different packs one for girls and one for boys
the packs include 5 FILES FOR YOU TO PRINT and use :
-Weekly Calender sheet
- bookplates - (This book belongs to : ) -Sheet with 10 units
- Bookmark
- Morning check list sheet (Get dressed, wash face, brush your hair, Eat breakfast, Brush your Teeth and a space to include something you need)
- After School organizer sheet (Hang coat and bag put shoes away, wash your hands, do your homework, well done ! - Snack time :)
How to and some tips:
just download the files and print in your printer and fit to the paper size you want, or go to a professional print house and make them in larger sizes like I have done for my kids, laminate some of the sheet and they will live all year long ;)
For the Bookplates use a sticker sheet or the Avery labels 5963
This pack can be used for personal use only
Eu fiz 2 conjuntos diferentes um para menino e outro para menina.
Cada pack inclui 5 FICHEIROS PARA IMPRIMIR e usar:
  ■ Horário semanal
 ■ Etiquetas para livros (este livro pertence a:) - cada folha tem 10 unidades
 ■ Marcador de livros
 ■ check list para as manhãs ( vestir, lavar a cara, pentear o cabelo, tomar o pequeno almoço, escovar os dentes e um espaço onde pode incluir alguma tarefa que sinta necessidade) -folha de tarefas para depois da escola ( pendurar o casaco e mochila e guardar os sapatos, lavar as mãos, fazer os trabalhos de casa, Muito bem! hora de petiscar :)

Como fazê-lo e algumas dicas:
Faça o download dos ficheiros e imprima na sua impressora, ajustando ao tamanho de folha pretendida, ou ponha numa pen e leve a uma casa de fotocópias e faça ,por exemplo, num tamanho maior ou em cartolina como fiz para os meus filhos, plastifique algumas das folhas e elas vão durar o ano inteiro :)
Para as etiquetas de livros use uma folha autocolante ou o tamanho de etiquetas com o número 5963
Este pack só tem permissão exclusiva de uso pessoal.


calender girl calender boy

bookmark girl
Bookmark girl

bokkmark boy
Bookmark boy

bookplates girl    bookplate boy

I hope this back to school pack, can help you and your kids organizing for the new year in a fun way, and hopefully moms can spare some words ;)
Price: 6.8$

Eu espero que este conjunto de volta à escola, possa ajudá-la a si e ás suas crianças a organizarem-se para o novo ano de uma forma divertida, esperando que as mães possam poupar algumas palavras.
Preço: 5€
Envie-me um email dizendo-me qual quer, MENINO ou MENINA, que enviarei para o seu email o pack de ficheiros prontos a imprimir.