I have a winner to the Paper and paint online workshop ;)

Ok I have a winner or.... 2 winners ;)
So the lucky girls winning a spot in "Paper and Paint workshop" are....

*** LONG BLACK EYELAHES****   and    *** LOLA AZUL***
yehhheiiii I am happy for you girls ;)
Please send me your emails.

Leaving you with this painting made this morning inspired by Mindy Lacefield in the Class Wild Surrender. A this painting is Tinker Bell and the Disney castle, check my FB page to know what this painting process has made me feel :)



Giveaway - 1 spot in the Paper and Paint online workshop

I am giving away 1 spot to the Paper and Paint online workshop!

more info here and video ( teaser) here

What do you need to do?

Comment on this post, ex. telling why you would like to take this class or what you expect to come out with, from it...

you can have Extra entries if you: 

bring a new follower / friend to Atelier Susana Tavares
share the link on facebook

share the link on twitter

Spread creativity... and good luck to you!

Giveaway ends on May 29th (12 pm London Time Zone) and the winner will be announced here on the blog.
Just in time for you to prepare for the class beginning on May 30th.

Thank you 


Published in heArt Jounal Magazine

Guess What!?!  I was just published in heART Journal Magazine!

 Photo: Great News!  Issue #6 is now available 

A beautiful magazine, full of  mixed media inspirations, videos, techniques, classes and great artists like Mindy Lacefield and Alisa Steady :)                                 
To celebrate heART Journal Magazine has a given me a free issue bonus code to share with others.

Get your free issue of heART Journal Magazine today! 

Simply download the app on iTunes https://bit.ly/heARTMag or Google Play  http://bit.ly/Heartjournal
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Paper and Paint workshop - video

Have you heard about the Paper and Paint workshop, my new online workshop?
I can´t wait to paint with you ;) 
To know more about the "Paper and Paint" workshop just click here 

I hope you join me, it´s gonna be fun ;)



Paper and Paint Online Workshop - registrations open ;D

My new online workshop to create with "Paper and Paint" is open to receive your registrations :)

This class is inspired by my project Uplifting words and art, where I found a new, creative, fun and simple way to express myself through art journaling.

The idea of this class is to create your own elements to journaling, so we are going to explore:

sweet girls
cute animals
patterns and textures
nature elements 
meaningful words 
You are going to have videos to each part and make 7 different projects by mixing and combining the elements together with other materials.

This online workshop will start on the 30 May of 2014 and will be open 1 year after you sign up.
During this time you will have the possibility to access the class and view the videos has many times you want ;)

This is an online self-paced class and will be thaught in English only. 

Please find answers to Frequently Asked Questions here.

I believe a bit of creativity everyday can make all the difference in you and the world around you, expressing yourself through color, sweet shapes and nature elements can only make you feel happy.
 We are in this world to be happy, to smile and to say yes to life, this is one more opportunity :)
An easy, inspiring class that gives you the opportunity to create in a simple but beautiful way.
I hope you join me!

"Paper and Paint workshop"
investement : $69

Material list :
-Jounal or a scketch book (mine is from Studio-Lana size: A4 - 8 1/4 x 11 3/4"
-Faber Castle Pitt pens (Earth Tones set of 6 + Carmine + Phthalo blue
-Regular white paper
-Gesso or Acrylic white paint
-Watercolors (I use a set from Van Gogh )
-Oil Pastels (I use from Caran D´ache)
-Acrylic paint on your favorite colours+black and white
-Black pencil
-Washi Tape
-Scrapbook paper 
-White Marker (mine is permanent from Edding)
-Black pitt pen (Staedtler pigment liner 0.5)
-Bleeding tissue paper
-Spray bottle
-Gel medium
-Double side tape
-Tattered Angels Glimmer mist - Aquamarine

Once you have made your payment, you will receive an email in 48h with the informations you need.
Please email me if you have any question.

"Paper and Paint workshop"
 investement : $69

Inspiring the best in you!


Sunday Mornings Class

photo and design by my talented friend,  Kaitlin Monroe

Have you heard about Sunday Mornings Class ? It's a FREE CLASS from the beautiful Mindy Lacefield and I am so honoured to say that I will be there with Michelle Sylvia as guest artists ;)

Read to know more about this spiritual class, in the words of Mindy :)

I saw the words "No perfect people allowed" on a banner for a Church that we saw on the road to Galveston, Tx this past week and couldn't get it out of my head. We are all God's children even though NO ONE is perfect. Such a beautiful reminder.

When I began painting, I began a journey of growing closer to God. You see I've always believed but my relationship desperately waned and I certainly fell away from Him. I think I began to feel a sense of unworthiness. But what I know now is that none of us are worthy, but He loves us so much anyway! He sent His Son, Jesus to die on the cross so that we are no longer bound by sin. We are set Free!

You see, I truly feel that He gently drew me closer by calling art into my heart. The complexity and subtly that our Creator works is something to be in awe of.....

As I was in church one morning, I felt the calling to create a class all about my Sunday morning worship paintings. Normally what I do is attend early service Church and come home and paint till we have lunch. I want to share this time with you. Time spent praising God. I really think we can use our gifts to reach others. In doing so, we pass the light on to others….who then share their story.

For this class, I envision lifting each other up as we spend time creating as the Great Creator meant for us to do. When we allow ourselves to be vulnerable with God….to be vulnerable in spirit with others….we reach others easily. Gently. We open ourselves up to so much….to giving….to nurturing….to being still….to gratitude….to trust….and to faith. I imagine the magnitude of the lives you will touch with the art you will create. My prayer is that you become a vessel to reach and touch others lives with your art….gently….but with passion. To say things that cannot be expressed through words!

While pondering this class, I thought the only way to reach out in this way was to offer this class for free. I will open it up to donations if you feel called to give.

Journal Page that we will be creating

Class will begin May 18, 2014 and a new project will post weekly for 5 weeks. So basically they'll be 5 projects for you to enjoy. Thank you for allowing me to give back! Guest Artists Susana Tavares and Michelle Sylvia will also share with you their beautiful, soulful approach to art.

a little note about this class:
This is a Christian based online class. There will be talk of God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit along with Christian music (which I can't wait to share with you all). Plus lots and lots of painting and having fun. Join me as we praise God and create together!!
Any and all are welcome to participate…..all religions, denominations, believers, unbelievers, anyone.


Spreading uplifting words

My uplifting words and art project have unfold into a beautiful ritual, a morning ritual where I start to connect with my spirit and search in my heart what I need to share with you. 
Thrue colors, shapes and a few words a piece is created, expecting to touch some hearts, uplift some moods and bring beautiful smiles to people's faces. 
Such a blessing to free the spirit to inspire :)

thank you!


Booth on Crafts and Design Event

Leaving you with some pick of my booth on Crafts and Design event on Lisbon  in Jardim da Estrela (the star garden), 2 beautiful days in the middle of nature, creative people and beautiful customers :)

have a wonderful and Creative week!