Living a beautiful life

A sweet girl portrait, this one calls "Living a beautiful life" 
That´s what we want, right!!!! Living a beautiful, fullfiled life with lots of happy moments :)

This painting can be yours if you go to my shop.
It was painted with my soul.

Thank you!!!


Christmas cookies!

Do you want some Christmas cookies?
I just love to go to the kitchen and bake some cookies with my children.
Happy moments :)

This art print is available to decorate your kitchen in my shop.


New original angel paintings


Painting Angels always lifts my spirit. 
Angels always reminds me that you and I are never alone and always protected.


This one is the purple angel, I love the strong colors and the details and textures in her dress.




This angel brings a message 
" May the angels in their beauty, bless you!"

Love the softness and collage elements and she looks so pretty with the flowers in her hair :)


This 2 original paintings on canvas are available in my shop.
Just go here if you want to have one ;)


Inspirational cards packs with positive words

 BluePack  - 8 inspirational cards

 I have talked with you about my 9 month project, the " uplifting words and art" where I illustrate every day 
(oh god) a positive word, quote or affirmation, to bring a positive vibe to you and the world :)
So I am transforming my illustrations into inspiring cards. These you can collect, share with the ones you love or use it to take a positive message every day!

Blue Pack  - 8 inspirational cards

yellow pack - 8 inspirational cards

I love to take messages in the morning to inspire me and to focus on my day, or before I go to bed, to work the message in my dreams.
I believe positivity comes from the soul, so we just go benefit if we stay aligned with our soul, and close with who we are in truth.

yellow pack - 8 inspirational cards
 I hope you find this collectible kits inspiring, and useful to inspire you and the ones you love.
You can get yours here.

More about  this project here


2014 wall calendars are here :)

My wall calendars for 2014 are here!!!!!
A calendar to put a smile on your face, with positive words in almost every image to inspire in you, or the ones you love a positive happy mood. 



You can find them in my shop.
Remeber to make your christmas shops in these days, to get all your beautiful gifts on time.

Note: When you buy from an artist you buy lot´s of love , hours, dedication, inspiration, dreams, a piece of a soul.

Please support art and handmade.
Thank you!


Bookmarks (cat, dog and bunny) + I am beautiful

Hi everyone, stopping by to show you the new bookmarks they are adorable 
and the perfect company for your favorite books :)
what is your favorite animal ?

Please let me know, I want to paint your favorite animals!!!!

These bookmarks are available in my shop to make you smile.

This is the positive illustration of the day, on my Uplifting words and art Blog

Have a great, beautiful day


Frida Kahlo original paintings

You have seen the beginning of this 3 Frida Kahlo paintings, now they are done and available :)
They look so lovely together, in soft but rich colors.

Thank you so much !
Wishing you a great and inspiring day :)


Saying hi and bits of secrets


Hi everyone my time lately has been a little shorter, so I am passing to say hi and show you a piece, just a tiny piece (shhhhh... It's a secret) of a custom family portrait.

Have a wonderful day!!!!!