Mini people notebook cover + journal



Do you remember this super cute Photo I have posted on Facebook days ago? 

This mini people has been transformed in notebook covers :) 
They are so adorable you have to check them out!

For this covers + blank journal, I have used cardboard, fabrics, lace and a Mini people all stitched together ;)
The mini people are laminated so you can wear them safely.


Autumn always give me this need to invent, to transform, to craft, to bring the new into my life and my shop ;)


Of course this sweet notebook covers + journal are made with intention
 "To write good ideas"
To write that special ah ah moments, to capture the precious and the treasuries ;)


They are an A6 size, the perfect size to carry in your bag. 
The good news is when you finish the journal, you just have to switch to a new one, and insert it in your sweet notebook cover ;)

They are available in  my shop!!!!!!!! 

Please let me know your thaughts about it.



Autumn Equinox inspiration


Today starts my favorite time of the year, Autumn
I am celebrating this equinox with bits of inspiration, images that make me dream and feel good and remember the beautiful planet we live in...so grateful!
I picked up this images from my Pinterest Board - Autumn 

This pictures are also ideas to do on this beautiful season and the first one is -
 make a leaf crown (all the princesses and queens deserve one ;)


Make a yummy picnic with your family,
 I can even smell the apple pie freshly baked.


Enjoy a relaxed time with home made cookies, a warm tea cup and a notebook or a book.
 I love notebooks, to draw, to write, to make wish lists, to stamp, to splash some watercolors, to day dream :) 
Remember to include quality time just for you, you deserve it!
Project from Alisa Burk

 Make some leaf crafts,
                                        check here this Autumn activity to do with your kids.


Go to a Cabin in the middle of the woods, hummmm... preferably without kids ;)

Be grateful,
 open your eyes and see with a pure heart, with the eyes of a child that sees blessings everywhere.


For last make a list with the things you want to do this season, happy things that make your heart sing.

Autumn bliss

Wishing you a beautiful and happy 
Autumn with lots of flow and abundance.



Make a fabric art doll with me - SOUL ART DOLL CLASS

 Do you want to learn how to make a fabric Art Doll ?
Yes!!!! so this online class is for you :)

the Soul Art Doll Class

This is a small art class, for those who want to learn how to make a fabric art doll, from start to end using simple materials, mixed media techniques and use your soul has guide to create this piece.

Check out the video

teaser f2 from Susana Tavares on Vimeo.

Investment: $39 /30€

Material list
-Gelli printing plate
- Acrylic paints in the colors you love + black and white
-2 muslin pieces +- 8x11"each
-A regular sheet and a pencil to trace the doll pattern
-Sewing machine
-White marker -mine is from "Edding"
-Gold marker

I hope you join me in this fun creative process :)

Investment: $39/ 30€

IMPORTANT: This class has been part of the Class Soul Food, so if you have already taken please do not buy this class.

Wishing you a wonderful creative day


Autumn kids activity for the weekend :)

Yesterday I had a wonderful afternoon with my children, Fall has arrived to Lisbon already and we want to celebrate this new season and connect with mother nature.
I want to share with you this simple family activity, that can be very nurturing and happy!

Before leaving home, gathers a few simple materials:

- notebook or album 
- pen or pencil 
- washi tapes
- book with the types of leaves and trees (optional)
- cookies and water (this is not an option ;)

We put everything on a backpack and go walking to a beautiful garden near our house,
 Gulbenkian, a great place to visit because of the gardens but also for art exhibitions, music concerts and more.

The activity is to find on the ground different leaves, one from each tree, just one.
They have to stay focus and find the treasures on the ground and follow the clues that autumn leaves.

We found lots of them :)

Pick a place to see what you´ve got and take out your materials.
If you have your book with the different types of leaves, let the kids compare the images with the real leaves. We have talked about the colors, the shapes and found the names of trees that each one corresponded.

Time for washi tape fun :)
Display the leaves in your album or notebook and add them with a bit of washi tape, it looks beautiful right and the kids love to do this.
After write the name of each leaf.

In the end let the kids make some drawings in the page, and then time for coooookies!!!!

This was the book I have used, it´s a wonderful illustrated guide to discover nature.
"Lá Fora" it means outside, check it here

I hope you are inspired to celebrate autumn with your kids, 
wishing you a wonderful weekend :)



Invite the sacred

I am really inspired by Flora Bowley and her Bloom true boot camp, I was needing something like this to stretch  myself ;)

The first prompt is - Invite the sacred 

I will share with you how I embrace the Sacred in my daily life and you can discover a little more about me ;)

So I will take a deep breath and start my list :

- Connect - with a heigher source thrue meditation in the morning
- Pray and settle my intentions for my day, family and planet earth
- Burn candles and incense ( not everyday once in a while)
- Create meangningful art and mandalas using my intuition ( love not to know what I am going to create, just going listen my intuition)
- Bless everything around me with love, including my food ( I have teached my kids to do the same, so adorable to watch them bless their food ;)
- Focus on what I want, in what makes me feel happy!
- Spread inspiration in my home with things I love - crystals, images, paintings, books and special pillows, I have one with a mandala ( pic below) and one printed with my painting "Create an amazing life"

- Listen - I really love to listen and follow ( and it works :)
- 11 - is always there, everywhere 
- Grateful for small and big things in my life
- Notice -my body and my emotions 
- Stop and nurture  - when something is not o.k ( and this one took me a long time) stop and reconnect again, close my eyes, breath deeply until I feel aligned again or just do something different like go for a walk - I have to let go the belief that I couldn't stop, and embrace that if I stop for a while everything would be o.k  
- Choose the way - of less resistance!


- Affirmations and powerful words - my word lately is FLOW
- Messages - I love to pic my oracle cards and take messages for my day


- Positive - I like to be positive and spread positivity around me
- music - love to dance and sing out loud, yuhhhuuuu!!!!
- See - see with eyes of love, it makes everything so much easy

Sending love in your direction
have a wonderful sacred day




My happy gang is in the house ;) the school is starting on September 16, so in this times I learn that I have to make it easy for everyone, including me ;) Going in the flow and be happy are the words right now.

Last night when everything was quite I have sited on my studio, checked my emails and gave a big deep breath like I was centering myself, closed my eyes and I saw a big shade of pink paint being spread on piece of paper. This vision remainds me that I was missing my painting time, so I follow my vision and start painting with a pink ink and a stamp.

I have created this painting in the middle of inks, paintbrushes, bits of papers, bits of gold and flowers.
I can see in this "Nest" painting how proud I am with my nest, 3 little birds growing everyday and I am there to give them a hand and loads of love :)
 Like a tree firmly planted on the ground with big roots and flowers growing and branches that capture the light ( what a beautiful vision), and spreading love all around me.

I will finish this post, asking you to check out the new art prints in my shop, they are FULL!!!!! 
And you ask full of what? and I say FULL of colour, FULL of meaning and FULL of quality ;)

A big hug for you
wishing you a wonderful weekend