Paper and fabric people in bookmarks

They start with tags and bits of paper and fabric, bits I collect to make special tiny details that I love.
Perfect to make bookmarks with a smell of Christmas :)

They are laminated to last forever with a beautiful ribbon on top.

I hope you like them :)


A visit to Xepa studio

I was at xepa studio, Sofia has the most wonderful bags, iPad cases, lunch bags, camera straps and a lot more.
Her studio has a wonderful , cozy energy. Definitely a space to visit In Santos, Lisbon!
Estive no atelier Xepa Arte na vida, a Sofia tem Malas, carteiras, bolsas para iPad, lancheiras, fitas para as máquinas fotográficas e muito mais, tudo maravilhoso. O atelier tem um ambiente muito confortavel e com otima energia, um espaço em Santos (Lisboa) que defenitivamente é para visitar!

You can see more in her facebook page
Podes ver mais na página do Facebook

So great when you find kindred, creative spirits, to talk and share ideas :)
Sabe tão bem quando encontramos espiritos criativos para falar e trocar ideias :)

Thank you Sofia !
Obrigada Sofia!


Original Art Packs

Have you seen this picture in my Facebook profile right? 
And I said - " when you have a messy table something wonderful is about to happen"
Do you want to see what happen?
I have created Art packs, filled with beautiful Art, with an amazing price!!!!!!!
Each pack includes: 
1 original piece of art painted by me + 1 art print + bookmark + 2 mini art prints or  pin.

This pack has a value of 65€ or $ 89 and you can buy this just for 33.9€ ( + 2.7€ shippng) or $47 ( + $7shipping) , this is an amazing chance to have your original and beautiful goodies to make you happy
Check this out :

Pack 1 - original-  Oporto river mouth \ Foz do Porto + today I am the moon art print + 2 mini art print + pin

Pack 2 - original - Once upon a time + 2 girls art print + 2 mini art print + bookmark 

Pack 3 - original - 3 girls + starry night art print + 2 mini art print + bookmark 

Pack 4 - original - Big heart + life is sacred art print + 2 mini art print + bookmark 

Pack 5 - original - red polka dots dress + girl and bear art print + 2 mini art print + bookmark 

Pack 6- original - Embrace your body + create an exceptional life art print + 2 mini art print + bookmark 

Pack 7 - original - Tree girl + 4 wonderful women art print + 2 mini art print + bookmark 

Pack 8 - original - Bird friends + 3 girls art print + 2 mini art print + bookmark 

Pack 9 - original - My heart flies like a ballon + friends art print + 2 mini art print + bookmark 

Pack 10  - original - Gardening Angel + the winds will carry you art print + 2 mini art print + bookmark 

Pack 11 -original - Thank you + I am art print + 2 mini art print + bookmark 

Pack 12- original - Sitting toguether + family art print + 2 mini art print + pin

Pack 13 - original - owl, fairy and bird +feeling nature art print + 2 mini art print + pin

Pack 14 - original - love angel + dream art print + 2 mini art print + pin

Pack 15 original - Fishing + owl wisdom art print + 2 mini art print + pin

Pack 16 - original - Smile + you are enough art print + 2 mini art print + pin

Pack 17 - original - Fairy + dear me art print + 2 mini art print + pin

If you are interested in some of this great Art packs, please send me a message to my email

On monday they will be available in my shop


Painting big :)


I am painting again big canvas, an this feels real good, I have stoped.... But now I am inspired by Frida kahlo, making big collages, using vintage paper, bits of fabric, using pieces I have collected, my own collage sheets... My hands are in pain, because of the cold in Lisbon, but I am loving this messy, cool, inspiring wave is passing by my studio ;)


Living a beautiful life

A sweet girl portrait, this one calls "Living a beautiful life" 
That´s what we want, right!!!! Living a beautiful, fullfiled life with lots of happy moments :)

This painting can be yours if you go to my shop.
It was painted with my soul.

Thank you!!!


Christmas cookies!

Do you want some Christmas cookies?
I just love to go to the kitchen and bake some cookies with my children.
Happy moments :)

This art print is available to decorate your kitchen in my shop.


New original angel paintings


Painting Angels always lifts my spirit. 
Angels always reminds me that you and I are never alone and always protected.


This one is the purple angel, I love the strong colors and the details and textures in her dress.




This angel brings a message 
" May the angels in their beauty, bless you!"

Love the softness and collage elements and she looks so pretty with the flowers in her hair :)


This 2 original paintings on canvas are available in my shop.
Just go here if you want to have one ;)


Inspirational cards packs with positive words

 BluePack  - 8 inspirational cards

 I have talked with you about my 9 month project, the " uplifting words and art" where I illustrate every day 
(oh god) a positive word, quote or affirmation, to bring a positive vibe to you and the world :)
So I am transforming my illustrations into inspiring cards. These you can collect, share with the ones you love or use it to take a positive message every day!

Blue Pack  - 8 inspirational cards

yellow pack - 8 inspirational cards

I love to take messages in the morning to inspire me and to focus on my day, or before I go to bed, to work the message in my dreams.
I believe positivity comes from the soul, so we just go benefit if we stay aligned with our soul, and close with who we are in truth.

yellow pack - 8 inspirational cards
 I hope you find this collectible kits inspiring, and useful to inspire you and the ones you love.
You can get yours here.

More about  this project here