The art box

Hi to you! 
After my afternoon on the garden, I was thinking about you and I had some great fun ideas. I think you are going to love it!!!!! 

Art Boxes 
- Recicled boxes painted by hand. 
- Inside they are full of art and one of a kind pieces uhhhhh ;) 
- They can be use to travel with your art materials or make a special place for favorite things ;) 
- They include an art kit with watercolors + an original drawing that I have made specially for you + some ideas on how to use them - perfect to carry in your bag and paint outside ;)

check them out 

Art Box 1

In Pink and golden tones, inside of this Art Box you will find: 
- 1 mandala original painting 
- 1 fairy original watercolor 
- 1 art tag 
- 1 tiny painting on wood (girl) 
- 1 set of watercolor + original drawing to color (girl and birds + instructions 
- 1 postcard (friends)

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Art Box 2

This one was sold in my Newsletter
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Art Box 3

Inside of this Art Box with a sweet bunny you will find: 
- 1 watercolor original painting (Sweet child of mine) 
- 1 bunny original watercolor 
- 1 art tag 
- 1 tiny painting on wood (birdy) 
- 1 set of watercolor + original drawing to color (fox) + instructions 
- 1 postcard ( I am)

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I have made this with so much love always thinking about you :)
Grateful for your love and support.
Sending blessings and love in your way


Today I am


Today I am :

- inspired by Marie claire idee 
- drinking my water with florals
- loving my mandala coaster 
- feeling I want to go to a garden to bring clarity and flow for my new projects
- allowing flow and synchronicity into my life + experience peace and calm ( messages from my cards)

For sure it will be a great day ;)
Wishing the same for you!

P.s- this is one of my photos on Instagram, you will find me as @ateliersusanatavares


Family portrait

This piece is a custom order and is going to fly to India. This is the beauty of Internet, connecting with people all over the wold. So honored to share my art and energy with these families.

I really put myself into service when I am creating these paintings, feeling what my soul is telling me and create what they need as a family. In the end I energize the piece with Divine love, happiness and joy for them and their home.

And the cherry on the top of the cake - golden sides ( I love it soooo much) I think all my family portraits will have golden sides from now on.

I really feel blessed and grateful.

Wishing you a great weekend 


Start your morning with Divine Love


Today I feel inspired to share with you a part of my morning. Morning is the most precious time of your day! Is the starting point, to set the perfect tone for your day. So you want to make it the best possible :)

A 1000 Angels flying over my house

Today I came up with a morning meditation, that was incredibly powerful and that's why me and my Angels want to share it with you. I believe simple techniques to use in our busy days are the best, so we can make time for them.
A spiritual pratice is very important for me, to keep me inspired, energized and clear, so I can go through my day with ease and flow. This helps me to stay more calm and communicate with my kids with patience and stay with my mind smoth and organized with the things I what to do during my day.


This meditation is to make before you come out of your bed. Just set a calm alarm, 5 or 10 mn earlier, so you make time to start your day surrounded by Divine Love.

So you are laying down on your bed and breath deeply and start imagine that you are connecting with the source of Divine Love, imagine this beautiful, loving energy to come through your feets, and start spreading the energy of Divine Love to your legs, to your root chakra, to all your intern ... Move the energy up until you feel all your body with Divine love, finish by filling your mind with Divine Love and see yourself surrounded by Divine love and light.

Angel madala

Then when you get up, just make a little prayer showing your gratitude for the love, heling and energy you received. Something like this " Dear God and Angels thank you for all your love and energy. May the expirences of this day bring me happiness and joy and all the goodness. This is going to be a wonderful day!" Amen


I hope this meditation time can help you start your day in a wonderful way, full of energy and positive state of mind :)

Sending love your way



I allow inspiration come trough me

Animals and nature, have this beauty that touches our hearts. The years are passing and I found myself with a special care with my plants, appreciating moment in nature like I have never done before, feeling this connection with planet Earth and putting my love in form of paintings.

I have been super inspired by young people that are moving and sending their good vibes to our dear planet Earth. If you want to be inspired by the power of this new generation and be  filled with hope - Earth Guardians 

I really want to celebrate animals and nature! This is the first of these series a baby monkey :)

See more picture bellow:




This sweetness is available on my shop

Sending love and light to you 
And if you have a minute please send your love to our planet.
Thank you


My book - A little Secret + gift in my etsy shop

Hi to you!
My new book "A little Secret" is available on my Etsy shop yehheiiii!!!!!
Because I want to celebrate this beautiful project, I am offering an art print with the book, both signed by me.


More about "A little secret" here

Order your copy:

On my etsy shop - book + art print (you are always loved and protected)

Sending love and Angels in your direction


Precious Nature

What can be better than be emerged in color with an open heart and a clear mind.

"Precious nature" it's my new painting.
This painting brings me a feeling of protection and connection with planet Earth. Our home deserves to be loved and respected. Let's take a moment to send pure, positive, loving thoughts to our beautiful planet.
Thank you!

See the details of this painting below:

See how this painting can fit in your home.

Available on my etsy shop 
Sending love in your direction 


Things around me that make me happy

Sometimes improving your space with something beautiful or colorful is enough to shake your mood.  
Even I feel a little introspective in this moment of my life, here are some of the things that are making me happy right now.


The branch with white flowers I have founded on the ground this afternoon, while walking Bolota (my dog ;)

My new painting "Happy Days", every time I see this painting it makes me smile :) love the puppy so much. This painting has that feeling of happiness when you are relaxed, feeling good in a sunny day in the middle of nature. So good!!!!


My favorite drink for this hot spring days - home made ginger iced tea
2 or 3 slices of ginger + cinnamon + drops of lemon + 1 spoon of honey in a glass.
Boil some water and mix with the other ingredients until you filled a quarter of the glass put some ice and fill the rest with cold water and finish with 2 leaves of basil. 
So fresh and great for your health ;)

For sure my new book "A little Secret" 

My new oracle cards - Healing with the fairies by Doreen Virtue 
Beautiful illustrations and messages in this oracle, love to use it every morning.

And you, what makes you happy right now? 


Celebrate the child in you

Today is children's day in Portugal, and I want to invite you to nourish your child, the one that lives inside of you, the one that trusts, the one that wants to play and laugh and try new things and flow with life.
Today pic some crayons or some markers and draw, just for fun, without judgement, just for the pleasure of the moment, embracing the little explorer you have inside.

Beeing creative is a wonderful way to mantain your child happy, to stay present in the moment and celebrate joy. You can even join your kids and make a big family drawing. They will love it, I promise :)
So I really hope you follow my suggestion and give yourself permission to play.

Let's celebrate!!!!!!!!

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Wishing you a colorful day,