mother and baby custom painting + husband in Paris

this is a custom mother and baby painting, I love making this happy, sweet family scenes.
 Lately I am in colorful mood, so I am using my brightest colors and infuse them with natural elements, like plants, flowers, birds....

Here it is the final piece.
you can order yours in my shop.

My face today looks like this, something like Snow White. My husband went to Paris on Monday , and I have everything for me until Thursday. So when he cames back I want a sooooo deserving vacations... please I wanna go to Hawai!!!!
Not easy making everything all alone, but in am sure I will survive ;)
A big hug for all the parents that everyday have to do everything on their own.



A bit more of my new owl painting

Has I promise here it is the update of my owl painting is not totally finished, but almost...
I need to work a bit more the left corner ;) please let me know what do you think???



Paintings in progress

I am working on 2 new canvas, at the same time mixing watercolor crayon, fabric, paper, words and numbers, stamps and more....

in the first one I have found an owl and off course he had to be a sweet friend ;) 
I hope tomorrow I can show you the progress of this 2 paintings.
In the mean time I am filming my doll for the Soul Food class, I hope you join us!!!!


I am grateful for who makes me happy!



I am grateful for who makes me happy, one of those persons is Lorna Byrne the author of "Angels in my hair" and "A message of hope from the Angels".

Lorna writes about how, since a baby, she sees and listens the angels.
I began by reading her second book, "A message of hope" - that touched me deeply and now I am reading her first one. 

I share it with you since there is no secret that I believe in Angels and how important they are  to me. 

Lorna only confirmed, in a beautiful way, what inside I always knew. She says that each one of us has a guardian angel to whom we can ask for help whenever we need, even for the simplest tasks. If we understand that we are never alone and we can talk to our Angel, as a best friend, I believe that the lives of so many people would be so much better.

To Your guardian angel you can ask help for you, for your family, for someone you know who needs help, to your relationships, to help you make the best choices, before a difficult conversation, for everything ... of course you have to do your part, listen and follow.

The more you talk to God and the angels, the more you are going to deepen your relationship with them and in reality you just have to ask. What can you lose? ah, ah, absolutely nothing, in fact I'm sure you will only gain from it :)

Lorna writes of a future in which the Human conscience will let everyone see and listento the angels. It is the most beautiful thing I've ever heard. This sight makes my Heart shine with beauty and hope. Probably I won't be here to see it, but I will see it elsewhere ;)

My Heart whispered me to share this thoughts. I hope this can bring you a prosperous relation with your angel, who always has a huge desire to help you. That's why he's there, even if you can't see it. Believe it!

thank you and have a great week.

p.s - the illustration above is from my Uplifting words and art project - an illustration and a positive message every day.


Eu sou grata pelas pessoas que me fazem feliz, uma dessas pessoas é Lorna Byrne, autora dos livros " Anjos nos meus cabelos" e " Uma mensagem de esperança".

Lorna B. conta como deste bébé vê e ouve os anjos, como se visse pessoas. Já tinha lido o segundo Livro, "Uma mensagem de esperança" - este que me tocou profundamente.

Partilho com voçês porque nunca escondi como acredito nos anjos e como eles são importantes para mim. A Lorna só vem confirmar, de uma forma maravilhosa, aquilo que no meu interior sempre soube, diz que cada um de nós tem um Anjo da guarda a quem podemos pedir ajuda sempre que necessitamos, até para as tarefas mais simples. Se estivessemos abertos á ideia de que nunca estamos sozinhos e que podemos falar com o nosso Anjo como se de um amigo, o melhor, se tratasse, acredito que a vida de muitas pessoas mudaria para melhor.

Ao teu Anjo da guarda podes pedir ajuda para ti, para a tua familia, para alguem que vês que precisa de ajuda, para os teus relacionamentos, para te ajudar a escolher o q é melhor para ti, ajuda para ter uma conversa dificil, enfim tudo... é claro que também tens que fazer a tua parte, ouvir e seguir :)

Quanto mais falares com Deus e os anjos, mais vais aprofundar a tua relação com eles e na realidade só tens que te perguntar, o que é que eu perco ? ah, ah nada, absolutamente nada, alias tenho a certeza, que só tens a ganhar :)

A Lorna fala de um futuro em que a consciencia Humana vai estar evoluida Ao ponto de permitir que todos vejam e ouçam os seus anjos, que coisa mais bela, esta visão faz illuminar o meu coração com beleza e esperança. Provavelmente ja cá não estarei para ver, mas verei de outro lado qualquer ;)

O meu coração quiz que eu partilhasse esta informação, espero que te possa ajudar. Desejo-te uma relação prospera com o teu Anjo que tem sempre uma vontade enorme de te ajudar, é para isso que ele ai está, mesmo que não o possas ver, acredita !

obrigada e tem uma boa semana

p.s - a ilustração em Cima é do meu projeto Uplifting words and art - uma ilustração e uma mensagem positiva todos os dias.


New wood brooches and Litlle red riding hood

I adore trying new things, now is wood brooches with girls :) They are painted by hand and all of them are a one of a kind pieces. A friend to pin on your coat and go for a walk.

They are available in the same place ;)



When I organize my studio, I always open space to new projects and I always find things to use on them.
I found this box near my stuff to recycle, and make this pretty, tiny art piece, with the "Little red riding hood". Just lovely, don´t you think?

Saying goodbye for now


New year new decor in my studio

WoW! My studio has a new look :) I have new carpet, with beautiful colors and my husband gave me this cool vintage coutch, I love to feel cozy and comfortable in the place where I create, this makes also a perfect spot to talk with clients or to drink a cup of tea, don't you think ?

and to the other side of the studio I have arrange this gorgeous vintage airmoire painted by hand, to organize fabrics and other materials. Combining different styles , old and new is totally me.

the Frida Kahlo painting you see, it's on process, waiting the inspiration arrives...

Near my painting table I have this gourgeaus lampshade, and it has an incredible light to work in the end of the day, just need on more for the ceiling ;)

Please let me know, do you like it ?



Helping with books - Ajudaris

A book of stories written by kids to help kids, this is an idea Association Ajudaris so that the purchase of this book with the symbolic value of € 5 lets bring hope, education, food and more for children and seniors daily.
This book can be ordered here :)
Um livro de histórias escrito por crianças para ajudar crianças, está é uma ideia da Associação Ajudaris para que na compra deste livro com o valor simbolico de 5€ permite levar esperança, educação, alimentação e mais a crianças e idosos diariamente.
Este livro pode ser encomendado aqui :)

I will show some of the many wonderful pages that lie within this book.
My page on top, and the illustration is about citizenship :)
Passo a mostrar algumas das muitas páginas maravilhosas que se encontram dentro deste livro.
A minha página em cima, sobre cidadania :)

The delicious page of Natalina Coias
A Página deliciosa da Natalina Coias

The beauty of the expression of Rachel Caiano.
A beleza da expressão da Rachel Caiano.

The page of Teresa Lima full of magic.
A pagina da Teresa Lima Cheia de magia.

A Página da Rute Reimão Cheia de doçura e lindos pormenores para descobrir.

Um projeto feito de  "Pequenos gestos grandes corações!" como foi escrito pela Rosa Mendes Vilas Boas a diretora deste lindo projecto que é a Ajudaris.
Page of Rute Reimão, full of sweetness and beautiful details to find out.

A design made of "Small gestures big hearts!" as it was written by Rosa Mendes Vilas Boas director of this beautiful project that is Ajudaris.


Family painting and Soul food class


You have seen a pick of this canvas, so I am showing the entire family painting.
This was a custom piece and I really love the colors, so calm... and the feedback was amazing :)
I really love making this personal family paintings.

I have made a few this hollidays and will show you each one :)

Last week have started the Soul Food class and you still can join us and learn lots of new techniques.
I am already having fun ;)

An exercice from the class of Gwenn Seemel, new exercices and approaches to art are going always enrich your own style and self discovery , so honored to be part of this great class.