Be the light - painting process


Are you ready to take your journal and paint for a while?
I hope so because I have this creative process to share with you ;)


Step 1 - spread some watercolor in several tones in your journal 
If you don´t have watercolors you can use acrylic paint mixed with a bit of water

Step 2 - make a collage with some vintage and painted papers 


Step 3 - with a pallet knife spread some white paint or gesso on top of the watercolor to seal them.

Step 4 - grab a charcoal pencil and make some doodles and marks on your page, it's fun and gives texture


Step 5 - stamp - I have used several stamps, a butterfly , a plant and the striped pattern above. Use your intuition and follow ;)

Step 6 - one more layer, using the faber castell pitt pens. I have doodle with the pens , defining some areas and put some water on top to dissolve the ink. 


Step 7 - acrylic paint in flesh tone to start the face and a turquoise inside the round shape. You can even spread the same colors here and there on your backgroung, to give a sense of balance to the painting.


Step 8- time to paint the face, I used watercolors in tones of blue, green, orange and white acrylic paint to shade her and give her some hair (black watercolor)

Step 9 - define the eyes and her features with a black pitt pen


Step 10- I found that sweet bird flying on the background ;) painted with an orange acrylic paint and for the wings 2 different pinks with oil pastel.

Step 11- make a yellow aura around her with oil pastel

Step 12- finish with some geometric shapes and flowers (made with my black pencil) and choose some beautiful words to your painting

I hope you have fun with this process, and if you like to share what you have done with me, just tag my name so I can see it. If you have some friends intrested in play with art, please share it with them also :)

"Travel light, live light, spread the light and BE the light" - Robin Nola




I have a gift for you :)


Tomorrow I will start my vacations so I want to leave you with a gift.
The poster above is for you to print and to share with your special friends.

Some ideas:

- print as a postcard an send it in the mail for special friends
- share it on your friends Facebook page
- Make a special dinner for old friends and give it as a gift
- surprise a friend with a special message or email and attach this image

How to keep and print this image?

- if you are on your iPad or iPhone just click for a while on the image and click on Save image. This way you saved the image to your gallery and you just have to print it on your printer or send it by email for a print house.
- if you are on your computer, right click on your mouse and "save image as". Save it to your images and just print it out on your preferred size.

A big hug for you full of love



Travel art journals to uplift you

Do you know why I love to make art?
I love to make art because art heals, art feels good and art is a way to be mindful, a way to achieve presence, actually art can be an uplifter...

...and I want to uplift you!

This hand made travel art journals + watercolor set are for you, to put on your bag and whenever it feels right, you are ready to create and have fun.
Create on the garden, on the beach, on the café , on the couch....
You need to have fun right? ( I know i do!!!)
Check them out
I am Bliss! Journal - cover

1 st pages

Last pages

back cover

"See the beauty around" - travel journal

1st pages

last pages

back cover

 "Sweet memories" travel journal + watercolor set

1 st pages

last pages

back cover

The journals are original pieces, full of sweetness and beautiful details.
All of them are one of a kind pieces.
Inside you will find watercolor paper and regular blank paper, ready to paint, draw and write ;)
Size :5 x 7" / 18x12,5 cm
notebook 12

This Watercolor set

is really easy to use. Start by wetting your brush on water and rub it on the color you want to use and then apply it on your watercolor paper.
If you like you can also join me on my Watercolor Fun class where I share with you my favorite ways to use watercolors ;) 
Get your travel art journal here

Wishing you a beautiful day!!!!


Inspired oh yes

Hi how are you? 
I am feeling so inspired, that I just want to make things! Beautiful, wherable, artsy things to uplift you ;)
So in my studio you are going to find lots of paper, painted cardboard, tiny beauty details....

Showing more very soon ;)
Love and light to you,