Enchanted moments original paintings

This is a serie of original paintings with the theme " Enchanted moments", these are the first two, and I am really happy with them, they are painted on canvas, full of sweet tiny details, made with collage and acrylics. 

Enchanted moments n* 1

A beautiful detail in just one side of the painting.

Enchanted moments n* 2

Beautiful colors, great contrasts, with a sweet contemporary look and a pretty detail in one of the sides of the canvas.
This "Enchanted moments" series are available in my shop.

Please let me know your thoughts about them :)




Creative Backgrounds workshop picks

Today I am sharing with you the pictures of my last workshop "Creative Backgrounds",
it was in Lisbon in a beautiful place with beautiful creative people.
This studio is from my friend Sofia and it calls "O sitio da Xepa" (Xepa´s Place).
Check the pictures.
Hoje estou a partilhar as fotografias do meu ultimo workshop "Fundos Criativos" em Lisboa.
Foi num sitio lindo com pessoas lindas e muito criativas.
Este estudio é da minha amiga Sofia e chama-se "O sitio da Xepa".
Vê as fotografias.

One of the kits that I make with lot´s of love for my students
Um dos kits que eu faço com muito amor para cada um dos alunos

Here it seams I am singing, "The hills are alive with the sound of musicccccc..." LoL

 We worked with watercolor crayons, acrilyc paint, stamps, stencils, collage, doodles, patterns, words... and we have played a creative game.
Trabalhamos com cera de aguarela, tinta acrilica, carimbos, colagem, pequenos desenhos, padrões, palavras... e ainda fizemos um jogo criativo.

That´s what i call a beautiful table, with my favorite things on it, paintbrushes, paint everywhere, beautiful papers, wonderful colors, creative thinking with beautiful people :)
A isto é o que eu chamo de uma bela mesa, uma mesa que tem as minhas coisas favoritas em cima, pinceis, lindos papeis, cores alegres e pensamento criativo com pessoas fantásticas :)

Another kit, they are diffrent ;)
Outro Kit,eles são todos diferentes ;)

The next workshop will be this Saturday (29 March) and the theme will be spirituality.
This one will be great ;)
O próximo workshop vai ser este Sábado (29 de Março) e o tema vai ser a espiritualidade.
Vem participar! Escreve-me para te increveres e mais sobre os workshops aqui

All pictures where taken by Niza Grifo
Todas as fotografias foram tiradas pela Niza Grifo

Have a wonderful week
Tem uma ótima semana


Positive illustrations of the week - to make you happy ;)






This uplifting words and art is already in the day 126, I am a brave girl ;)
think positive and be happy,
you totally deserve it.



Healthy breakfast allergies free

Today I want to share with you my breakfast, since I have notice, that in several times of the year I was very allergic and when I switch to my healthy breakfast, I felt a lot better. And the best is that I notice this improvements of my allergies in the next day. Great right! that's why I want to share this with you :)
So my non healthy breakfast was milk ( lactose free) and coffee and bread.

My healthy breakfast ingredients are :
- milk ( lactose free) + a piece of fruit or veggies +a table spoon of biological granola ( antioxidant )+ a tea spoon of honey + cinnamon 


The ingredients go to a blender, and I make a delicious, nutritive milkshake to start my day with energy, without allergies.
Maybe you like to try it ;)

Have a great and healthy day,


Pins and a Pocket mirrors new in shop

Presenting the new collections of Pins / Pocket mirrors :) this first collection is inspired by sweetness- sweet faces, sweet colors, adorable animals. They are so happy, that every single time, they put a smile on my face. 

They are adorable to kids party gifts, or for your bag, scarf, jacket to give that cute fun look.

This second collection is about things I love:
A- to be surrounded by love
B- meditate
C- smell the flowers
D- birds
E- feathers in my hair
F- inner wisdom represented by owls

They are available in my shop, and you can choose to buy them has a pin or a pocket mirror, and if you buy the entire collection you will have a special price, yeehhheiiii! ( just check the menu on the right side of this listing).
This week I will share with you the pics of my latest workshop, so be tuned ;)

Uplifting words and art of the week...to make you smile and be positive.

Monday: today is a happy day!

Showing the illustration of the week, Monday to Friday from my Uplifting words and art project.
I am already in the day 121. I am a brave girl :)
Enjoy and stay positive.

Tuesday: Be strong and sweet like an elephant 

Wednesday : Today play some music and shake your body

Thursday : May you dance with the fairies and reach the stars

Friday : Be brave, be kind, be fierce!



A free printable

This is an affirmation sheet, free for you to print, and add to your printable collection ;)
Just click on the image, save as..., print is out.

If you have the opportunity you can read this blog post about affirmations :)
Print, write, be positive and have fun .


"Create with paper and paint" The Workshop in my studio

 Check the picks of the session 1 from"Create with paper and paint" workshop in my studio :)
They are a group of wonderful, sweet ladies, love to work with them, lots of good vibes in that Saturday!
We celebrated in big, the woman´s day ;)

Vejam as fotografias da sessão 1 do workshop "Criar com papel e tinta", no meu atelier :)
Era um grupo de mulheres maravilhosas, amei criara com elas, muita diversão e boas vibes naquele Sábado!
Celebrámos o dia da mulher em grande ;)

Do not be sad, soon will be available an online workshop :) So stay tuned!
Se estás interessada em participar, já neste Sábado dia 15 de Março em Lisboa (das 16-19h), vai acontecer a sessão 2 do "Criar com papel e tinta" com o tema - Fundos Criativos, envia-me um email para te increveres, pois existem muito poucas vagas ;)



I am... Affirmations work and art


                I  am - art print available in my shop

To create a life you love, requires courage, love and constant self motivation.
That's why I love affirmations, they put your mind on the right direction, so you can unfold a beautiful life. This is an easy and unexpensive way, to focus on what you want to achieve, everytime you do it you putting yourself on the right track, you are choosing to live in the positive side of life.

Have you ever paid attention to people who spend their life complaining? Notice how their life become to be exactly the words they keep repeating!

Nevertheless we have the power to change the way we think, simply by changing the words we use which will also change our lives.

I have experienced this in my life.

From the moment in which I analyzed the way I think about my fears and beliefs, I have created the opportunity to choose. Once we were young, but now we have the wonderful opportunity while adults, to choose! Choose what we want to believe, choose to live our lives according to our potential, choose to love and support ourselves, choose to have a happier and easier life, choose to give and receive, based on love.

My life has changed in so many ways , I have been able to achieve so much more wonderful things in life that reflect my beliefs, my transformation and the investment in me. 

If you act promptly making small changes, you will end bringing more balance to your life, creating a life you love to live. 
Try it!