Would you go for a sail in the back of a whale ?
to feel what it's like to live in the deep ocean blue,
singing beautiful songs under water, 
swim and splash....

This is my new whale mixed media illustration, 
I hope you like it :)

It´s available on my etsy shop





I do not know where this little boat is going to take me, but I decided to go through this life with an open heart, trusting that in every step of the way I will be supported and life will blow away the wind in the right direction, and with my heart, I will adjust the sails of my boat, expecting to make a beautiful, happy path full of light, love, creativity, beauty and inspiration.
Amen :)

have a beautifulday,



Published on Somerset Studio Gallery

I was published in the Summer issue of Somerset Studio Gallery, yehhheiiiiiii!!!!!! 
A beautiful magazine full of mixed media projects. Check out my pages ;)

I have made this 3 dolls with materials that were lost in my studio and found while tidying up my workspace. Bits of fabric, wooden blocks and old stamps while listening a good music and drink a good cup of tea, were the inspiration for this project. 
I hope you like it!


 Love the way they photograph the dolls, showing all the details.


Have a wonderful day,


Meet Sara Rainbow Soul

Today I want to share with you a very special Portuguese artist - Sara Rainbow Soul ( Sara Teixeira)
She express herself through watercolor, with amazing vibrant, full of energy colors. 

She is a visionary artist, in Sara's words - "I feel my heart like a Portal were I am a little drop of light, making the connection between worlds...and through that Portal, Magic happens and  my Art comes to live... and that is what I can offer you... My vision of YOUR BEAUTY, the beauty that each one reveals to my soul."

Sara makes beautiful soul portraits for you and for your children, each session of  Angel Wings and Soul Portrait are made first by draw and then by intuitive watercolor brushstrokes and in this process a beautiful landscape of your soul is born. How beautiful is that!

You can know more about the Soul Portraits here.
I have received one of her Soul Connection Messages and I really love it and I feel I have to share this special work with you :)

Check more of her art work, full of light and beauty!

"Each Soul is unique and with a Beauty full of Light!" 
Sara Rainbow soul 

I hope you like it has much as I do!



A mother and baby custom painting

My mother and baby custom painting has started with this background - a mix of acrylic paint, Glimmer mist and stencils

I love crazy paintings, with lots of color but I really love earth calm tones for family paintings with that classic touch....so tender, beautiful and delicate.

the finished " Mother and baby" painting, I have included some words ( asked by my customer)
I am really happy with it, I think is full of love :)
Now packaging and shipping.

Have a beautiful day,


Tags - Painting Process

Hi everyone,
today I am sharing a painting process in tags.
Lot of fun ;)
Grab some blank tags, acrylic paints, some stamps and a black pencil, let's start!

step 1 - apply acrylic paint, without thinking too much ;) use the colors you love!

I am making 3 at the same time.

Step 2 - use your stamps and apply them in random places

Step - with a black watercolor crayon ( mine is from Caran d'ache) paint the blank parts. I have scrub my wet paintbrush directly into the crayon to get a smooth color.

Step 4- with you black pencil find a place to draw your figure and find some shapes and surround it with your pencil. Like the flowers I have found in this middle tag ;)

Step 5 - use a light acrylic paint to paint her face, like a yellow light or a white.

Step 6- shade her face with a bit of yellow ochre and a bit of pink in her chicks and front head ( using watercolor crayons again with my paintbrush )
Don't forget to highlight the nose and front head with a bit of white acrylic paint.

Step 7 - give more details to this tiny painting, with some doodles or words

Step 8- in a piece of paper draw and paint a sweet cat a cut it with your scissor 

Step 9 - cut an arm shape in a bit of scrapbook paper, so she can hold her sweet kitten.

Step 10 - Incorporate all the elements together using an acrylic paint, specially around the doll.

Step 11- add some more color to her dresses and give more details with a white marker ( I am using an Edding)

Step 12- draw some nature with a black pen, cut your nature elements and glue them with gel medium

I hope you are feeling inspired and try to make your own tags!

Enjoy and Have fun !!!