kids unicorn painting

My kids love rainbows and unicorns, look the painting that my 2 youngest child have done toguether with watercolors and crayons :) so pretty !

Children have such a wonderful creative gift, they are really inspiring. 
In the future I think I will have 2 wonderful helpers in my studio ;)

Susana Tavares


Magic on my table


I am making one more custom painting, this one is full of magic and blessing coming out of that 
 I believe life is always showing little moments of beautiful magic, spreading beautiful sparkles around us and toutching our hearts.
 Can you see?

Really love her :)


Have a beautiful and magical day,


Painting process - she wants to reach the stars

Today I have prepared for you a painting in process, so you can see the stages and be inspired.
Step 1- spread some acrylic paint on your watercolor paper or canvas, I choose some warm colors and a olive green

Step 2- spread some white paint with my Palete knife and apply a navy blue for contrast

Step 3 - I have made a collage with hand plaited papers and washi tape
Step 4 - define some shapes with my pencil, draw my girl and make some fun doodles
Step 5 - grab things toguether with some white paint on the top and a light pink on the ground, made some marks with my Palete knife

Step 6 - have painted my girl and give more contrasts and define some flowers with my pastel crayons ( love them so much!)
Step 7 - I finished applying more collage with my hand painted paper , some plant doodles and cut golden stars and add them around the moon
Step 8 - give my girl a beautiful feather in her head ;)

see the details :)

I hope you enjoy this process, wising you a wonderful sunny weekend.
Today is a gourgeaus day in Lisbon, the sun is shining outside and inside of me :)



Blessing mandalas

I am listening flutes and waterfalls, while a candle is burning I am creating a new place in my shop, called Blessing Mandalas, a place where you can find my the sacred circles, created by me wilt light and love to spread positivity, to bring happiness, inspiration and good vibes to the world.

Baby boy Blessing Mandala

Baby girl Blessing Mandala

All the Blessing Mandalas include an Atelier Susana Tavares certificate :)

I will be honored to create one specially for you, for your baby or for someone you love, you just need to send me a message with the colors, name or message you want to include. 

Thank you
sending you light and love


I am making a rag for the kids room!

Hi, the kids are back to school and I am back to share the news in Susana's land ;)
this time was great to slow down and make different things. Lately I am in love with mandalas, after I have seen this rags on Pinterest, check my crafts ideas here , I start making one for the kids rooms and created this big colorful mandala. The kids are really excited about this and they are asking all the time when it's done.

This is how my rag looks like, but will be much bigger. All I use is wool in different colors and trapilho, that I already have in my studio and this was the perfect project and time to use them :)

Mother's Day is almost here I new pocket mirrors available in my shop, with sweet mamas and babies.
Have a beautiful day.


yummy Cupcakes painting - custom order

A custom painting has born, filled with yummy cupcakes, happy colors and beautiful textures :)
I hope my customer likes it ;)


My lesson is up on "wild surrender" workshop, I am so happy I am joining Mindy Lacefield and her students this month :)


Blessing Mandalas

Lately I am in love with mandalas, this amazing sacred circle, and what an amazing experience creating them. Yesterday I have a dream to make blessing mandalas and this idea totally make sense to me.  
I want my art to be a carrier of positivity, to bring happiness, inspiration and good vibes to the world.

so I am very excited about this, about this great opportunity to spread blessings, seeds of hope, love and light to babies, mamas, families :)

Please let me know what do you think.

thank you



Mama's Prayer Flags Printable DIY

I am so Happy for taking part of this Blog Hop for the New Mama Welcome Pack, a wonderful idea from Catherine Redfern.
A pack made to enjoy motherhood... without guilt, overwhelm or losing yourself :)

I am a mother of 3 children, 2 boys and a girl, so I have been there ;)

Being a mother is an amazing experience but it can be very challenging, emotionally exhausting and overwhelming sometimes. I found that nurturing myself using happy and positive thoughts, like affirmations totally helped me focus.

That´s why I love affirmations, an easy and unexpensive way to focus on what you want to achieve, everytime you do it you are putting yourself on the right track, you are choosing to live on the positive side of life :)

So, I have created this sweet printable Mama's Prayer Flags to help you put positive intentions into your day! Prayer Flags are mostly used in Tibet, they bring blessings for happiness and for a long and prosperous life.



This beautiful Mama Prayer Flags include 2 free printables, like the ones you see above.

Click here to get your Mama Prayer Flags 
and follow these steps to make your own.
( for private use only)

You will need:

Hole Puncher
Fabric Stripes

Step 1 - Print your sheets (it will be better if you print on cardstock)

Step 2- cut all the pieces with your scissors


Step 3 - punch little holes in all the elements and get a ribbon


Step 4- use the hearts to write your own affirmations

Step 5- insert the flags on the ribbon, hang your hearts and birds with bits of fabric.

Step 6- tie pieces of fabric between the elements to have a more colorful, happy look, and your done!

Step 7- time to find a beautiful place to hang your Mama's Prayer Flags ;)

Try beggining your day by repeting the affirmations on the Prayer Flags. It might sound something like this:
Today is a happy day
I am filled with love
Everything works for my highest good
I am always protected
I am a grat mother because I give the best I can
I am Happy, I am Loved, I am Healthy, I am secure, I am positive, I am beautiful. 

Click here to know more about "New Mama Welcome Pack"

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A new sweet painting

A new painting to welcome spring, with colorful trees, birds flying in the sky, bunnies and a cute bear girl :)
This painting is already sold, thank you so much to all my customers and to all the beautiful people that support my art, truly important to me.

Have a wonderful weekend 



I am teaching on Wild Surrender Online class


I am so happy to announce that I will be teaching in Wild Surrender online Class with the wonderful and Inspiring artist Mindy Lacefield from Tim´s sally. So honored to be the guest artist for the month of April :) 

I will share a collage project in my class, I would love if you join us ;)

This Saturday was great, I spent time with my wonderful students and we worked on spirituality thru meditation and several journaling exercises.
One of my favorites are definitely the mandalas, love doing them and feel in real time, a beautiful and warm energy flow to my heart, just beautiful!

Feeling blessed to have the opportunity to share :)