Workshops criativos em Lisboa

This post talks about workshops in Lisbon, so this post is written in Portuguese :)

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Workshop 2

Workshops em Lisboa

Se estás à espera de workshops em Lisboa eles chegaram :)
E claro, eu estou a contar contigo!!!!! ;)

3 sessões criativas onde vamos "Criar com tinta e papel"

A ideia destas sessões criativas é que aprendas a fazer arte a partir de coisas simples. No teu diário gráfico, vamos criar páginas visualmente interessantes, divertidas e cheias de beleza e intenção.


Largo Vitorino Damásio 3-C Estudio 10 em Santos, Lisboa


Nos dias 8, 15 e 29 de Março, vê em baixo.

Sessão 1 - Feminino - dia 8 de Março /Sábado das 16h-19h

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vamos criar arte no feminino com bonecas, padrões pintados, elementos da natureza e palavras com significado.

Investimento: 40€

Vais receber um kit com diversos papeis diferentes, imagens minhas e outras surpresas. Quando feita a inscrição envio a lista de alguns materiais a levar.

Sessão 2- Criativo - dia 15 de Março/ Sábado das 16h-19h

vamos explorar fundos criativos através da criação de texturas. Vão ser usadas técnicas de colagem com vários tipos de papel, carimbos, efeitos de água, incorporar imagens e mistura de diferentes materiais.

Investimento: 40€

Vais receber um kit com diversos papeis diferentes, imagens minhas e uma ferramenta criativa. Quando feita a inscrição envio a lista de alguns materiais a levar.

Sessão 3 - Espiritual - 29 de Março das 16h-19h

-Vamos fazer arte com intenção e com o poder do amor, vamos usar as tuas fotografias e das pessoas que tu gostas, vamos usar palavras positivas, pintura intuitiva, colagem e incorporar a linguagem das cores.

Investimento : 40€

Vais receber um kit com diversos papeis diferentes, imagens minhas e uma ferramenta criativa.
Quando feita a inscrição envio a lista de alguns materiais a levar.
Nestes workshops tu podes ser quem tu és, sem erros e sem medos, eu estou lá para ajudar :)

Vem e dá um passo na direção da tua criatividade!

Para te inscreveres em qualquer um dos workshops basta enviares um email - clica aqui
que enviarei todos os dados para fazeres a tua inscrição.
Se estiveres interessado em fazer os 3 workshops, tens um preço especial - apenas 100€ :) Aproveita!
Estou à tua espera, vem criar comigo ;)
Susana Tavares
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Black and white original watercolors 1, 2 , 3

I have made 3 black and white watercolor paintings on watercolor paper to frame.
 they absolutely woul be wonderful all together, right ;)

See the details

They are all available in my etsy shop :)


5 simple ways to nurture yourself during the week

This week I want to share with you 5 ways to nurture yourself, inspired on my own daily life, that help me take care of my body and my soul. These ideas are very simple and easy, for those are the ones that work for me. Being a mother of 3 children and running my own business, it's pretty much ;)
I found out that giving some time to myself and making easy and simple rituals can have quite an impact on the way i live my life. I hope this can help you too.

  • Take a Yoga class - once a week, it will balance your body and energy and it will take only 50 mins of your week and it will really help you to feel good, energized and put your body on the right place.
  • Take a bubble bath - you can relax all the muscles of your body and have a moment of piece.
  • Hear some music - if you are demotivated or down, put a happy song that you love and sing it out loud and if you like dancing and shaking your body, this will energize you very quickly ;). If you are nervous or anxious, close your eyes, or lay down in a comfy place and hear sounds of nature or a smooth song, it will help even more if you make a deep breathing to help your body relax.
  • Meditate - I hear lots of people telling me " I don't know how to do that!" :) I meditate in a very simple way. I just sit down in a quiet place, with my back up straight and eyes closed. I give 2 or 3 deep breaths to relax my body, focus my attention on my natural breathing (just notice it) and I stay in this state for a while.

Tips : the tricky part is to go beyond your thoughts at the beginning, so you just let them pass and do not interact with them, like seeing a car passing by. The more you ignore them the more you will gain from your meditation easily achieving a peaceful state of mind. This will help you a LOT.

  • Read something that uplift your spirit - I realy like to pick up my oracle card deck and take a message. The reason I love them so, is because the message is always positive. You can also open a book that inspires you, on a random page. This will take just a few minutes and usually helps me to find a positive message and focus again on the important things of life.
I try to make one of this things per day, and they always help me to be more present, more happy, more aware, more beautiful, more me ;)

I hope you enjoy and if you want to share with us, your ways of nurturing yourself, please do so (comment section) because we love hearing all about it.




Get inspired by this beautiful journal pages

I hope you have seen the Dye paper dolls I have shared last week. 
I have made an invitation, for those who want to try to make a journal page with this sweet dolls, that I would love to share them on my blog, and here they are ....and uhhhh they are gourgeaus :D
I hope you be inspired by this beautiful journal pages by beautiful artists.Oh yes!!!!!

This 3 beautiful pages are from Simona Anghileri
Check her blog and etsy shop

This beautiful journal pages are from Elisabetta Monnini
check her blog and etsy shop 

This sweet Atc is from Cristiana Rioli
check her Facebook page 

Journal page by Alexandra Moura 
check her blog 

Thank you so much for those who participate by sharing wonderful art with us.
Wishing all of you a wonderful and inspiring day :)



Happy Birthday my sweet boy

My sweet little boy is turning 6  today. I am a happy mother :)
I do not have much time today, because me and my daughter are preparing a " Dispicable me" surprise party.... so I have a lot to do.
Today is Valentines day, so I wish all of you a day full of Love!!!



celebrating 100 days + a free printable for you

 Get in the rhythm, like breathing, exhale ( give) and inhale ( receive)- Day 100 
Hello guys I am celebrating my 100 days, 100 illustrations with uplifting words, I am so proud of myself!

So I have a gift for you, 2 printable sheets - they are free and happy, for you with my love :)

The first sheet is to take notes, make your lists... organize yourself.

the second one Miauuuuu :) Is for you to make the balance of your day.
You can think what was great, want was not so good and how you want to change it.
If you do not have a clue, you can sit in a quiete place, close your eyes breath deeply and maybe in that quiet time you can find your answer. If not, try to change something, one small step can help a lot :)

( just click in the image, copy and past, and print it ;)
 hope you like it !



Dye Paper Dolls to embellish your Journal

Today I am going to share with you a simple way to make sweet paper dolls to use on your journal.
You are going to need, sketch book paper, Fabre castel Pitt pens in earth tones, acrylic white paint and watercolor crayons.

First step apply acrylic white paint in your page with a spatula or paintbrush.

When the paint it's dry, sketch your girl with the pit pen.

Make her shading, starting with the darkest areas of the face and apply on top a whet paintbrush to dissolve the ink.

I have applied first the Cinnamon 189 and after Terracota 186

For the hair, apply randomly some marks with the color you choose and apply your whet paintbrush.

For the chicks a bit of pink carmin that you can smudge with your finger.

Go get you watercolor crayons and pick beautiful colors for your girls dresses.

I used two colors for each dress and activate the color with a bit of water- use a paintbrush or finger, you choose.
When it´s dry, cut them and make a beautiful journal page ;)


This is an example of one of my pages, check more here and here

If you like to make yours and send me a picture of your journal page with your name and blog, please send it to me until this friday (February 14) I will be happy to share them on my blog.

 I hope you participate with your beautiful creation!!!!!


Beautiful new art

Lovely original paintings and fabric art in my studio, they look so happy toguether.
I have a blast creating this pieces I have used lots of collage and fabrics on my backgrounds and I think they look gourgeaus ;)

Please let me know what is your favorite!

Details and more pictures in my shop, oh yes they are ready to fly to your home and be hanged in that special place ;)


So warm!

Sharing life with someone you love is something precious, so much to learn, to grow, to be...each day to be lived with patience, respect...so close, but with the distance enough to see what is really important. 
May the love surround us each moment in our lives :)

This my Day 93 and the art print is available in my shop