Paint your muse- in person class in Italy /Como

This March I will teach again in Italy, in the city of Como ( that is amazing) and I am really excited to teach this new class - Paint your muse! 
Paint your muse is a class to get in touch with your intuition and unique guidance and put it in a canvas, exploring different mixed media techniques and painting your own unique muse.

The class will be in March 19, 2016 and I have only 2 spots left ( yay!!!!!)

Sending love and creative magic dust to you!


Easy does it!


In this Time of my life, changes are everywhere, since we are moving to a new country ( Belgium/ Brussels) in 5 months. My husband is already there, so during the week I am a " single" parent.
I really feel I need to embrace changes with compassion and kindness for myself and my children, trying to go with ease. Step by step and making the best I can, to provide well being and balance into my life.

One thing I am trying, is to be unschedule as much as I can, feeling what is right for me to do in the moment, feeling and follow my intuition. This practice it's revealing to me a perfect way of living, feeling my way to it. For me is really working, aligning my actions with what it feels right, without pressures. 
Baking, drawing, reading, shopping , call someone, study with the kids, stop, dance, sing, play, get orders ready, paint, write a blog post. Everything can be done in perfect, inspired, easy going time. All I have been doing is listening!


Wishing you a perfect week,


Painting process - mixed media

Today I am sharing pics from my latest painting. This way you can see the piece growing.
A conversation between paper, paint and my soul.

In this painting I am using a cardboard as a base for my painting, and I have started with collage, gesso and making some marks with black paint. Then I have made a scketch of my character.

Using here several shadings of greens + pink to paint her face and blue to her hair.

Next step is to add more details and define her face. 

A bunny join the party and I have give more color to the background  with yellow, greens and pinks.
Loving my new color Apple green :)

Using pastels to make marks and define her dress.
Flowers for her hair and a heart for the bunny ( I think he is in love)

Finished with more pencil marks and doodles and a tale for our little friend.

In this painting I think a bunny is in love with a princess... How cute is that!

I hope you feel inspired to create  :)

Love to you
Susana Tavares 


Fresh paint, fresh life.


I am so happy today is Friday and tomorrow is Saturday, after my week in my new life, it really feels good to sleep a bit more and have a lazy morning.
The balance of this first week is really good, my husband is adapting but happy to be in Brussels and Skype really helps us, to make the distance shorter ;)


In this moment of my life with all this changes at my door, I really feel the importance of taking care of myself and keeping good practices during my day. Starting my day with meditation and in a grateful, intentional way. It really helps me to be energized, focused and happy.

I have taken some time to write and walk in the mornings with my dog. This practices make feel more present and for now, I am choosing what makes me feel good. 
My days seem very long and this week OMG like a month.... Really!
I am wishing that time pass a little more faster ;)

The kids today we're counting how many days we will be here in Portugal and we count- 175 :) they are excited to start a new life, with a new home and new school and they want to be with dad, and me too ;)

I wish you a great weekend
Love and light to you


On my studio table

A new journey started for our family, we are going to move to Brussels in Belgium, since my husband is already working there. We will join him in the summer, when kids finish the school. Please send us your good thoughts so this new adventure be great for our family :) thank you!

My painting table is the place to be right now,  where I can put into paper my emotions, thoughts and expectations. Just grabbing a paintbrush and a beautiful color is a way to feel really good.

 This beautiful lady was my latest creation, this closer photo is for you to see her eyes, textures, hidden colors and details.
Since this my first blog post this year I want to wish you a wonderful, amazing 2016 full of love, joy, happiness, fun, abundance, creativity, play and painting ;)