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Today I have great news to share with you, I will be part of a new art-venture called “U Thrive” (University Thrive), with MysteleKirkeeng and Heather Santos at *Community Thrive.

So I will be part of the teachers on the online class Flourish 101, with Brandi Evans and Gerda Smit.

Check out the cool video:

This Autumn session will begin on October 1, 2015 and registrations are open.

I hope you can join us to learn, have fun, explore and become a more confident artistic you!

Go here to know everything about it ;)



Autumn Equinox painting and journaling


Today starts the Autumn equinox, the beginning of autumn in the Northern Hemisphere. This is my favorite season of the year. I love the warm colors that start to appear here in lisbon and my favorite part I feel more creative and more crafty. So I really love going to my studio table and just play with my materials, in this one I was thinking about how Autumn always reminds me kittens and cozyness and feeling good, surrounding myself with things that really put a smile on my face.

So talking about Autumn, I have been very inspired by Sophie Isobel Asher , love her beautiful pictures, words of wisdom and the simplicity of her journal pages. A few days ago, inspired by this blog post of Sophie and to celebrate this change of season, I went for a walk in the garden, feeling nature and picking some leafs to include in my next journal page. 

Gathering some pictures from magazines and words, while I was listening my intuition, on going simple and beautiful and it was such a joy, that I definitely will start journaling more often like this.

Sending love in your direction


Listen - A message for you

Inside my new book "A little secret" you will find 2 pages with 32 cards, with simple and positive words to inspire children and parents everyday. 

They are made to help children to develop their intuition and relationship with their spiritual side and they are small to fit in tiny hands ;) This cards can be used by anyone since they have always positive sugestions that you can apply and remember during your day and help you.


These cards have sweet illustrations and very easy and fun to use. The idea is to connect with your heart, ask a question and receive a direction from the cards. The positive words are to think, to make a conversation, to write about what comes to your mind when you read those words... ( more on the book)


Today I had the idea, to once a week, take one card and write a little text about it and if you are reading for sure this words are for you :) 

Listen is the card for today
Sometime you have that little voice inside of your head, whispering ideas and inspiration, do you listen or you think that is the crazy you talking? Well, when this little voice speaks to you is your inner voice, the wisdom you have inside of yourself, guiding you. Listen! Maybe you laugh when you hear the idea in your head, but why don't you try. Maybe is there, the solution you have prayed for, even if it sounds crazy! So trust in that connection that you have with the divine , with your guides, with the source you have inside of yourself.
Maybe you are needing to stop and meditate for a while, so you can listen your inner voice or just lay down on your bed, listen some nature sounds or soft music, take a long bath or go for a walk. Treating yourself good and proportionate wellbeing moments, really helps to open your heart, smooth your mind and relax your body and be ready to listen.

A big hug from me to you and give your little voice a chance, she is amazing ;)

Susana Tavares


Illustrated black and white pillows for cat, dog and doll lovers

Yesterday I had so much fun painting this sweet cute guys and turned them into decorative pillows. I think they are so adorable, they make me smile every time I pass through them :) 
These pieces are original, painted by hand and they match all most everything and give that special fun touch to you favorite place.
See more pictures below:






You can have yours here, but there is a special condition, you have to hug them once in a while.... with love ;)

Another thing - this pillows are prepared to listen carefully all that you say and they never will share with anyone your secrets. Promise!

Sending loads of sweetness in your way,



What if you fly? - bird painting tutorial mixed media art


The kids have started school today, so I am feeling free as a bird ;) I want to start this new season sharing bits of creativity, so you can try and explore in your journal.
You will need: a journal with thick pages, acrylic paints, pastel, bits of paper for collage, gel medium or some glue, paintbrush and spatula.


step 1: start by applying some acrylic paints on your page with your fingers or paintbrush ( have fun this is the best part ;)

Step 2: for texture glue some bits of paper on your page and make some marks with oil pastel ( don't think just do it)

Step 3: with your spatula layer some white and pink paint 

Step 4: find the best position to start defining your painting, and draw your bird with a pencil and give some more details - like an horizontal line ( to give some depth) flowers, trees what you like or inspire you at the moment.

Step 5: paint the sky with a Prussian Blue or other color you love and with a bit of white blend the colors around the bird to define the landscape.

Step 6: grab your oil pastels and go around the bird and trees and draw some more natural elements.

Step 7: use some patterned paper to cut a triangle, draw a sweet house and glue the triangle to make the roof

Step 8: give some feature to your bird 

Step 9: if you like, choose some inspiring words and use a black pen to write them.

I hope you have fun and make some time during this week to be creative and you will see, it will feel really good :)

There is freedom waiting for you,
On the breezes of the sky,
And you ask "What if I fall?"
Oh but my darling,
What if you fly?
by Erin Hanson


P.s- I have changed the link of my blog now it´s http://susanatavaresart.blogspot.com , you can include in your bookmarks to easily find it.


To let go... and open a new page.

Have you ever felt you want to turn the page, start a new phase and let go what no longer serves you?
Well, that´s me right now!

I want to turn to a bright, white new page. To do this, my body, my mind and heart start moving together in the direction of release.
Releasing stuff from our lives can be so powerful and freeing, while you throw away things something is shifting inside at the same time. So I dig into my studio and start opening drawers and cabinets and I have taken almost everything out. Bags and bags where filled to go. It was such a strong feeling that i knew i have to do it. 3 days to let go, 3 days full of love, peace of mind and happiness to release....so good it felt like heaven. My shoulders are lighter, all the process felt so right.

Now I feel ready to start this new phase of my life!

So my studio look different, check out the pictures :)

“Some people believe holding on and hanging in there are signs of great strength. However, there are times when it takes much more strength to know when to let go and then do it.”– Ann Lander

“In the process of letting go you will lose many things from the past, but you will find yourself.”– Deepak Chopra

In this process of let go, I have picked some original pieces and I will be offering them and you will know how, signing my newsletter on the top left of this blog- Subscribe my newsletter.

Sending you much love

Susana Tavares