Little tiger and friend

Last night I have dreamed with a tiger like this, so this afternoon I have take some time to illustrate this sweet tiger, before he escape from my mind ;)
So adorable!



what makes you feel happy?


Hey you, make more of what makes you happy!

So important, when you are happy, that magic energy spreads around you and you are contributing for the happiness, well being of you and the world around you.

For me painting with vibrant happy colors, make happy girls , hear a great music, dance around the house... and more makes me feel alive and happy :)

What do you want to make more, that makes you feel happy?

I would love that you share it with me :)

while you are thinking you can dance with me 



Make a decoration piece for your daughter's room and start in yourjournal :)

Hi good morning!
today I have a project to share with you, inspired in 2 beautiful girls :) the first one is my 9 year old daughter that has asked me to make something to decorate her room and the other girl is an amazing artist Alisa Burk. I love her style and the way she incorporates art in her daily life.
I hope you enjoy the project and feel inspired to make your own!

Step 1- make a drawing in your journal with a black pen - I used a staedtler Pigment liner 0.8
Step 2 - paint your drawing with watercolours and have fun

Step 3 - cut your drawing and grab a wood board. The idea is to recycle or use what you already have, so if it's a bit larger than your piece, do not worry, just follow the next steps.
if your board is smaller you have to fit your drawing, so cut it on the size you need.

Step 4- put the drawing on the top of the board and mark the size and place where you want it.
Use masking tape and paint the left over space with a black acrylic paint.

Step 5 - take the masking tape off and let it dry

Step 6- apply a generous cote of gel medium to glue your art piece to the wood board

Step 7- decorate the black stripes with tiny shapes. I have use white paint because I love the contrast of this two colours :)

Step 8- pick a special place to display your art piece :)

Have a great day and be creative!



Art dolls

My art dolls published on Somerset Studio Gallery, summer 2014, arrived and they are ready to go to a new home :)

These adorable art dolls, are made with bits of little treasures lost and found in my own studio.
Old stamps, fabric, wood blocks, vintage lace and worked with mixed media techniques.
All my pieces are blessed with love :)

This 3 art dolls are available in my shop.



I can fly !!!! mixed media painting process

Hi everyone, I am totally in love with Mary Blair's work, that Mindy Lacefield has made a part of her new class named Imagine, play, emerge, as an inspiration.
So today I will show you my process, inspired in this lovely book cover by Mary Blair.
if you like, join me and fly ;)


step 1 - Draw a curved line like the one showing in the book cover, with an oil pastel crayon.
step 2 - randomly apply acrylic paint ( I used a turquoise blue and a signal yellow) in some spots to make the ground , blend it with white acrylic paint with a dry brush.

Step 3- cut some different papers and add them to your background with gel medium or other glue you have.

Step 4- with a spatula apply an olive green on top of the papers to get this shabby look

Step 5- spray with a bit of water on top of the green paint and rub it with paper towel to get a more soft look

Step 6 - add more paint to the background, I am using the liquitex paint marker, but you can make with regular acrylic paint

Step 7- I have painted this characters in silk paper with pastel and acrylic paint, so I will cut this out to apply them on my ground with gel medium.

 so cute, right !!!!!

Step 7- draw your flying girl ;) and paint first the flesh tones and hair

Step 8- paint her a red dress and give some details to her hair and dress with oil pastel crayons, use the oil pastel to go around her and bring her more to the front ( I have use a creamy white and bit more of the light portrait pink paint marker)

Step 8 - draw some birds with your oil pastels in transparent silk paper, cut the out

Step 9- you are almost done, glue your birds and with a fine point brush and acrylic paint or black pen write " I can fly".

I hope you enjoyed this process, now go and fly!!!!!!!!!



An inspirational painting for me

Last night I started painting a canvas for my home, sometimes has an artist I forget to create pieces to inspire me I always have in my mind how can I inspire others. So this time I decide to paint a bird with a vibrante green background with the words " Today I am choosing happiness" , a painting to bring intention to my daily life, choosing to live happy and inspired. 

and it looks great with my painted lampshade ;)

I really bealieve a simple painting can change or bring a new fresh energy to spaces and people.
So I glad that I have inspired myself today ;)

Have a wonderful day and if you like choose happiness.


Mama and little girl custom painting

Hi I hope you have a great weekend, mine was great my kids have arrived from a vacation with their grandparents and they are full of energy and happiness :)

Today I am showing you a custom painting, that was ordered by a wonderful dad to make a surprise to his wife for her birthday. I hope she like it :)
I am very pleased with this painting, love the colors, the happiness and love showing thrue.

Some details of her dress and little girl.
I drew this plant and add it to moms dress, representing the growth of their relationship, always with fresh leafs :)

and a bird my symbol of divine protection, sending blessings all the way.

Thank you for being here with me, wishing everyone a great week.
xox and love 


Let nature inspire you!

"The 3 fairies"

Lately I am in love with nature beauty and it's elementals, they are so inspiring and they have the perfect ingredients to make my imagination go into their magic world, full of pixie dust, faries, gnomes, Elves and many others.

"The flower fairy"

In this pieces I am combining nature photographie with digital art and I think they match perfectly ;)

" Flower spirit"

Let nature inspire you and embrace you with its magic.
have a wonderful day,


Come join me in this new online class- Muse Merriment

Polyhymnia - muse of sacret poetry and Hymns to the Gods

Hi everyone! 
I have fresh news to share with you! 
I'm part of the teaching team of Muse Merriment - a wonderful collaborative course organised by Kelly Hoernig.

This online class is inspired by the 9 Greek Muses!

Each teacher will have an inspirational muse and mine is Polyhymnia, muse of sacred poetry, where I am going to share a mixed media project - an art doll, the one you see in the photo :) 
I am so happy with her, can´t wait to share it with you!!!!

About the course Kelly says:
"The inspiration for wanting to create an e-course around the 9 Muses came when I was reading "The War of Art" by Steven Pressfield. When he mentioned that they were sisters with the sole purpose to inspire artists, I set out to find more information. In doing this research I discovered that each sister had their own way to inspire.
My favorite line and the one I really want to focus on for this e-course came from "The Muses in Greek Mythology." It reads, "the Muses supported and encouraged creation, enhancing imagination and inspiration of the artist." I find that line and the fact that they wanted to dedicate their entire lives to this very powerful and moving.
I am thrilled to be joined by these creative artful women who are muses of their own doing.

Meet the teachers

▪ Tamara Laporte, Danita, Deb Hill, Lisa Lavoie, Rachelle Panagarry, Effy Wild, Susana Tavarres, Golda Rader and Kris Binsfeld.
Each teacher will be introducing themselves and their muse plus how she inspired them to create their project. The project lesson and coordinating PDF. A short video on where they find their inspiration, their muse and their creativity. It is going to be a wonderful adventure full of creative ideas to keep you going and going.
Lessons start every Monday, August 25-October 27 plus you will have an additional 8 months in the classroom until July 1, 2015. There will also be a Facebook group set up to share your creations, your muses and inspirational secrets. I look forward to getting to know you better!
Sincerely, Kelly Hoernig "

Click HERE to join this class!

The price is $78.00 for 10 lessons, that's only $7.80 per lesson by a different artist every week!
Learn more about the class and the teachers at musemerriment.com

Click HERE to join this class!

Thank you so much and have a wonderful day. 

Susana Tavares