My happy gang is in the house ;) the school is starting on September 16, so in this times I learn that I have to make it easy for everyone, including me ;) Going in the flow and be happy are the words right now.

Last night when everything was quite I have sited on my studio, checked my emails and gave a big deep breath like I was centering myself, closed my eyes and I saw a big shade of pink paint being spread on piece of paper. This vision remainds me that I was missing my painting time, so I follow my vision and start painting with a pink ink and a stamp.

I have created this painting in the middle of inks, paintbrushes, bits of papers, bits of gold and flowers.
I can see in this "Nest" painting how proud I am with my nest, 3 little birds growing everyday and I am there to give them a hand and loads of love :)
 Like a tree firmly planted on the ground with big roots and flowers growing and branches that capture the light ( what a beautiful vision), and spreading love all around me.

I will finish this post, asking you to check out the new art prints in my shop, they are FULL!!!!! 
And you ask full of what? and I say FULL of colour, FULL of meaning and FULL of quality ;)

A big hug for you
wishing you a wonderful weekend



  1. Esta pintura representa uma explosão de vida e de ternura. Adoro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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