Mini people notebook cover + journal



Do you remember this super cute Photo I have posted on Facebook days ago? 

This mini people has been transformed in notebook covers :) 
They are so adorable you have to check them out!

For this covers + blank journal, I have used cardboard, fabrics, lace and a Mini people all stitched together ;)
The mini people are laminated so you can wear them safely.


Autumn always give me this need to invent, to transform, to craft, to bring the new into my life and my shop ;)


Of course this sweet notebook covers + journal are made with intention
 "To write good ideas"
To write that special ah ah moments, to capture the precious and the treasuries ;)


They are an A6 size, the perfect size to carry in your bag. 
The good news is when you finish the journal, you just have to switch to a new one, and insert it in your sweet notebook cover ;)

They are available in  my shop!!!!!!!! 

Please let me know your thaughts about it.



  1. They are adorable! I just purchased one. Can't wait for it to arrive.
    I also joined your paper and paint workshop last week. It looks great and I can't wait to start painting!!
    Love all your work Susana!

  2. Adoro! São lindissímos e uma bela ideia! Não me importava de ter uma de cada :)

  3. They are beautiful . I love your art. Xx


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