Family painting in progress

Sharing with you the creative  process of a family painting on canvas ( mother and son)

First step - I make a prayer calling my guides and set the intention to create what is better for this family, sending with my painting beautiful loving energy.
I start with collage and I use painted papers, oriental images and some tissue paper.

Next step - spread acrylic paint with lots of water to create a watercolor effect and made some natural shapes, like flowers and rain drops.

Step 3 - I look at the pictures that my customers provided and sketch their faces and bodies. In my background I found more natural shapes to adorn the painting, I make this decisions in a intuitive way.

I have painted the flowers and give a beautiful blue tone to the background and give layers of several acrylic colors and watercolor crayons until I was happy with my creation.

I already know that this mother and son loved the painting and I am so happy and honored to have this opportunity to create beautiful family moments through art.

Wishing you a happy weekend 


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