The art path + Autumn owl altar

I have been remembering why I started to create. So many things have changed in this 12 years, that I felt the need to go back and ask me why?
The answer that popped into my mind was, creating for me brings me fun moments, makes me feel good. The place where I feel the real me, a way to express my inner world, in a way that words couldn't. To feed my needs of exploration and be with myself. Having fun and providing well being.
When I started to make a living of my creativity, all that I have, was lots of hope and dreams and the capacity of not giving up. I worked like I never did before, I felt passionate and also held down to prove people, that I could do it and my art was valid. 
This art path made me go beyond my limits and fears. But I did it! Now I can see how brave I have been all this time. 
Not just the art biz, but in understanding myself as a woman, a wife, a mom...
After all this years of ups and downs, laughing and crying. I know each step of the way was valid, in learning and gaining experience. I can see now, how much I have pushed myself ( toooooo much).
Now I know that is o.k to rest, to feel good, to not do, to feel what I need... and it took so long to have this clarity. Sometimes, I Still feel insecure, but now I can tell myself "It's ok dear, everything is working out for you"
 I love the spiritual me. Honoring source and planet Earth, on my art is something very valuable. My new spirit animal Autumn altars, are a combination of this journey, where I recognize myself in the elements. The why's of the beginning of my journey and the things I want to celebrate walking this path. 
The playfulness and fun. 
Autumn, my favorite time of the year.
Crystals ( I am so in love with them right now)  symbols of purity and the natural world. 
Art Pieces that are themselves tiny altars to celebrate our connection with the animals, season and planet we are in.
More pics and info here
And in this Autumn mood, saying goodbye with a pic of my finds in the woods today✨🍁🍂
Grateful for you
Much love and light 

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