Watercolor creations from the Watercolor fun class

I am so proud of my students, every time I step into our facebook group, my heart smiles with all their creations full of beauty and sweetness.
I am sharing this photos with the agreement of the students, with the intention of inviting you to join us in this watercolor fun class, that I promise you will love ;)

What students are saying about this class:

"If you are looking for stress free workshop , this is for you. Susana charming personality makes things easier. Watercolor Fun is the workshop for you after working or during your spare time...No stress, no rush! You will learn to create not also her little cutie dolls, but her colorful watercolor mandalas. I want to see you there!!!!!" M.B

"It is so fun when you see all the little dolls with our little twist using the same technique. It makes my heart smiles. I love to see all!" M.B

"Finally took time to sit down & paint this morning. So much fun, can't wait to practice some more. Thanks Susana for such a fun class!" A.C

"Be careful, it gets addicting fast! " L.C

"Thanks Susana Tavares. Girls in here are so caring. They push me up and motivate. It is awesome to be part in a group like this."M.B

"Loved doing this Susana. Such relaxing fun" T.B

"This workshop is stress free" M.B

"I am loving this class." L.C

"These little girls are addictive!"M.B

"Im amazed at how relaxing this was." T.B

"My God!!! This class is amazing... all lessons are too cute! Today I look some lessons just to understand what happens here... and I'm feeling blessed with." E.N

From me to you - Let´s connect with our souls, let´s learn and grow, let´s create beautiful things, let´s give one step in the direction of your creativity, let´s smile and paint our world with the most beautiful colors ;)

Join the Watercolor fun class here
or here :)

Can't wait to see you there, creating with me and this group of amazing woman.



  1. Susie, it is an honor to be part of your class. Your posted blog is delightful with all those little creations. Thanks for the opportunity to be part of this blog! Believe me , this workshop is really fun! Mavi BlueEagle!

  2. I love seeing everyone's girls!!! IT is such a fun class!


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