Flow and paint - mixed media art class in Italy

Today I am sharing some pics of my Flow and Paint class in Italy. 
I have made this class in partnership with Simona Anghileri and Color and crafts shop and I am telling you they were the perfect partners for me :) 

The class was in 21 March in the first day of spring, I have started with a circle on the floor where we have made some breathing work and meditation to set the tone for this Flow and paint class.
Simona had brilliant ideas to start working with this group of 18 wonderful woman - they made the background using fresh flowers and vegetables to create wonderful textures into those canvas, so much fun!!!!
The perfect idea to put the class flowing :)

What a pleasure to work with a person like Simona, we were in perfect sync :) love you girl!

After the background we started to discover and feel what that canvas and shades of painting want to try to say to each of us, and so a new phase of the painting started and beautiful things emerged :)

Me painting :)

All the girls have made a terrific job, even they were beginners they have completed all steps with a smile on their faces, exploring, discovering, feeling ....woman that opened doors to creativity. 
Here is a proud teacher ;)

What a blessing, to share and paint with all of this wonderful ladies.
Thank you universe!



  1. omg Susana This is a wonderful post!
    thanks so much !
    You are wonderful

  2. Oh, you were soooo close, just a couple hours drive, to where I live.. I would love to meet you in person. Sorry I didn't know you're comming to Italy. Class must have been fabulous, you all seem happy :)

  3. What an absolutely wonderful class. It looks like everyone had such fun and what amazing artworks everyone produced!! Wish I could have been there!!

  4. Looks so nice! Beautiful colours and good happy mood there ♥

  5. It's a beautiful post!! Mixed media art classes are the best platform for those who want to enhance artistic skills in multiple art forms. Where they can develop various mixed art streams under the guidance of experts.


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