Make a decoration piece for your daughter's room and start in yourjournal :)

Hi good morning!
today I have a project to share with you, inspired in 2 beautiful girls :) the first one is my 9 year old daughter that has asked me to make something to decorate her room and the other girl is an amazing artist Alisa Burk. I love her style and the way she incorporates art in her daily life.
I hope you enjoy the project and feel inspired to make your own!

Step 1- make a drawing in your journal with a black pen - I used a staedtler Pigment liner 0.8
Step 2 - paint your drawing with watercolours and have fun

Step 3 - cut your drawing and grab a wood board. The idea is to recycle or use what you already have, so if it's a bit larger than your piece, do not worry, just follow the next steps.
if your board is smaller you have to fit your drawing, so cut it on the size you need.

Step 4- put the drawing on the top of the board and mark the size and place where you want it.
Use masking tape and paint the left over space with a black acrylic paint.

Step 5 - take the masking tape off and let it dry

Step 6- apply a generous cote of gel medium to glue your art piece to the wood board

Step 7- decorate the black stripes with tiny shapes. I have use white paint because I love the contrast of this two colours :)

Step 8- pick a special place to display your art piece :)

Have a great day and be creative!



  1. Fabuloso :) tantas ideias, inspiração; adoro as cores desta aguarela e a menina é linda... e o candeeiro com o gato é o máximo!!!

  2. Love! and your lamp shade also!


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