celebrating 100 days + a free printable for you

 Get in the rhythm, like breathing, exhale ( give) and inhale ( receive)- Day 100 
Hello guys I am celebrating my 100 days, 100 illustrations with uplifting words, I am so proud of myself!

So I have a gift for you, 2 printable sheets - they are free and happy, for you with my love :)

The first sheet is to take notes, make your lists... organize yourself.

the second one Miauuuuu :) Is for you to make the balance of your day.
You can think what was great, want was not so good and how you want to change it.
If you do not have a clue, you can sit in a quiete place, close your eyes breath deeply and maybe in that quiet time you can find your answer. If not, try to change something, one small step can help a lot :)

( just click in the image, copy and past, and print it ;)
 hope you like it !



  1. OBRIGADA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! São lindas as ilustrações!!!!!!!!!! (como sempre...)


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