Co-creating - studio scenes

My studio lately is more than a place to paint, it has became a place to connect.
I remember a few months ago, I have written that I want to create in partnership with source and it's exactly what is happening. A beautiful team, working and connecting together, to bring the best to the ones that connect with me and my art.
It's been such a privilege to develop this soul work, with Angels, fairies and the wisdom of source, planet Earth and Crystals. 
Surrendering to the process knowing that a bigger plan as been made, and trust that only higher wisdom comes through and always working intentionally for the highest good of all. 
And it feels so good to not have to pretend that I am not me. Embracing who I really am!

One of the things that I have the opportunity to experience, is the beauty of each soul.  All of them are major important and with a beauty beyond my expectations. Several times I am in tears painting and feeling the beautiful energy of the soul I am painting. So much potencial, love and light, so much that I can not even put into words.

Spirit animal paintings - the Hawk is the one you see on the pictures. 
Animals and nature have so much to offer and teach us, children and adults. 
Spirit animals are one of my favorites, to work with.
Pure positive energy!
Much love and kindness 


  1. Sooooo beautiful artwork again! I want also to order from you someday! Have a nice day beautiful!


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