Bliss :)

I know, today I look like my mom lol. But I couldn't resist in showing you my flowers. This is my first garden and I am totally in love with it. It really feels so good to have so much beauty to look around, so many good smells and the birds singing and visiting my home, the butterflies flying around, for me is heaven :) 
Such a difference between my appartment in Lisbon, this connection with nature brings me joy and more energy, it really uplifts me. So grateful!

Look at some of my flowers #nofilter

I discover this yellow poppies today :)

Pink roses

Hidrangeas in purple( I just google it and now I know their name ah, ah ) 

Tiny strawberries, so lovely :)

 More hidrangeas in white and I have them in pink as well.

And the grass field with tiny daisies.

 Pooh and Bolota are delighted with the plays outside, barking to other dogs, the naps on the grass. A lot of fun I am telling you ;)

So I am slowly getting into my art again.

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Love, light and nature vibes


  1. So good to see you enjoying your garden space, you look very happy x

    1. I am happy dear Micki, I feel really good and inspired. A hug dear friend xxx


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