Travel art journals to uplift you

Do you know why I love to make art?
I love to make art because art heals, art feels good and art is a way to be mindful, a way to achieve presence, actually art can be an uplifter...

...and I want to uplift you!

This hand made travel art journals + watercolor set are for you, to put on your bag and whenever it feels right, you are ready to create and have fun.
Create on the garden, on the beach, on the café , on the couch....
You need to have fun right? ( I know i do!!!)
Check them out
I am Bliss! Journal - cover

1 st pages

Last pages

back cover

"See the beauty around" - travel journal

1st pages

last pages

back cover

 "Sweet memories" travel journal + watercolor set

1 st pages

last pages

back cover

The journals are original pieces, full of sweetness and beautiful details.
All of them are one of a kind pieces.
Inside you will find watercolor paper and regular blank paper, ready to paint, draw and write ;)
Size :5 x 7" / 18x12,5 cm
notebook 12

This Watercolor set

is really easy to use. Start by wetting your brush on water and rub it on the color you want to use and then apply it on your watercolor paper.
If you like you can also join me on my Watercolor Fun class where I share with you my favorite ways to use watercolors ;) 
Get your travel art journal here

Wishing you a beautiful day!!!!

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