After my vacations I always bring a good spirit in me, the one that sees with more clarity, that is full of new energy and want to change and adapt things in life for me and my family :)
I bealieve flow is that energy that moves easily in your life and adapts to your needs and makes you feel happy and aligned with you and the world around you.

Your home is your special place, is "THE PLACE", so I am  adjusting my space with love, making changes, taking what no longer serve in my life, letting go... and arranging space for the new and the good. Oh yes!


the kitchen is a mix of new and old + a painting, the one I have shared with you a few days ago and new pillows.

In my studio I have include one place for shipping orders and computer work and more places to organize shipping stuff, magazines, inspiring books and more. I love it :)

in my studio i have also included a place to sit quietly, to share a tea or a good conversation.
So you are invited !!!!!! :)

Has you can see Bolota is very happy with all this changes ;)


-The class Muse Merriment has been launched yehhheiiiii, I really hope you can join us for a party of muses and art. 

- I have a special discount coupon code for you, to use on my etsy shop "BACKTOSCHOOL" with 25% off , until this Sunday, in everything available in my shop including workshops, originals  and more :D

Now painting the corridor!



  1. Thanks for showing beatiful rooms of yor house. It's beautiful.

    1. Hi Lola so glad you like it, stop by and take a tea with me :)

  2. Your creative spirit shows in your home....it's lovely.

    1. Rett that was one of my intentions bring more of me to my home, for a long time I was making more to others, so now it's time to make this for myself, I deserve it ;)

  3. LOVE your changes! I love the most your hippie chair, and the art display on top of the metal cabinet. I need to make a change in my art little corner. I don't like it ....Changes brings new vibes. Thanks for inspiring me. Love you dear Susana!!!!

    1. yes Mavi it's so true changes brings good vibes, so go ahead and make the ones you need to make girl. sending love to you xo :)


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