mother and baby custom painting + husband in Paris

this is a custom mother and baby painting, I love making this happy, sweet family scenes.
 Lately I am in colorful mood, so I am using my brightest colors and infuse them with natural elements, like plants, flowers, birds....

Here it is the final piece.
you can order yours in my shop.

My face today looks like this, something like Snow White. My husband went to Paris on Monday , and I have everything for me until Thursday. So when he cames back I want a sooooo deserving vacations... please I wanna go to Hawai!!!!
Not easy making everything all alone, but in am sure I will survive ;)
A big hug for all the parents that everyday have to do everything on their own.



  1. Oh it's so beautiful, those colours zINg! I recognise and remember the way babies reach up with their little hand to touch your mouth, so lovely! I've just made a mother and baby painting too. :)
    Jess x


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