Shop update - postcards, art prints, pocket mirror, collage sheets,printable art doll

Hi everyone it´s possible we are already on October 7 and I haven´t share the news with you ;)
My shop is filled with beautiful new stuff and you have to see it right.
I have new art prints, Postcards, new collage sheets (instant download), gift boxes, Printable art doll and pocket mirrors. Everything available in my etsy shop

INSTANT DOWNLOAD Paper doll and fox set house words collage sheet woodland yellow orange brown
Printable art doll to to cut and assemble yourself, and Have fun!!!!

New instant downloads - collage sheets

Magic is here - Pack of 2 collage sheets
Simply print anytime you want!

Once upon a time - Pack of 2 collage sheets 
Check the video to see how I use them :)
Gift boxes

say it with clay- susana tavares
Pack 3 gift boxes
Say it with clay 2 - Susana Tavares
Pack of 3 beautiful unique gift boxes, painted by hand are full of sweetness for you to pass on a lovely gift
This gift box have the perfect size to hold a piece of jewellery, favours, candy or trinkets!


postcards 1
This postcards are inspired by nature and oriental shapes that i love to mix toguether.
I hope you like them, and please let me know what do you think (in the comment section)

postcard 15

Pack 5 postcards 
postcard 11
postcard 9

Pocket mirrors


mirror 1

mirror 4
mirror 5
mirror 2
mirror 3

see the available pocket mirrors here

soul food button.jpg
- Check out my Interview here and participate in the GIVEAWAY - One spot in the soul Food Class, iiiuuuuuhhhh - TODAY IS THE LAST DAY

Have a wonderful day and I am so grateful for all of you.
Thank you :)


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