Intuition and purpose

One of my favorite ways to work my intuition is with oracle cards. Making an intention or a question and take a card. This card is your answer and will give you insights about what you need to know. I make this practice daily so I can connect with my intuition and Guides. One question that I love to make is " What do I need to know ? This way you are opened to receive what you need more than what you want 😉 and in my perspective what serves me the best ✨
My card for today is The Divine Director - intervention and purpose - this card reminds you that your divine purpose on Earth is to remember love and do what makes you happy. The Angels are working with you and you are receiving divine intervention that support your true function and live in purpose.
You can even light a candle to your life purpose, so it manifests in a perfect way for you.

In the picture you can see I have a tiny altar on my studio, with crystals, flowers and candles, the perfect sacred space for you to connect with your soul and put the messages to guide you during the day.
Creating sacred space is to inviting the Divine in your life and to remember that there is no separation between both worlds. We are one!

Oracle cards from kyle Gray - keepers of the light ( I love this deck )

Really excited with my vacations, our family is flying to Portugal next Friday and I can't wait to see the sea again and relax on the beach. Is going to be sooooo good!

Much love,


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