Autumn kids activity for the weekend :)

Yesterday I had a wonderful afternoon with my children, Fall has arrived to Lisbon already and we want to celebrate this new season and connect with mother nature.
I want to share with you this simple family activity, that can be very nurturing and happy!

Before leaving home, gathers a few simple materials:

- notebook or album 
- pen or pencil 
- washi tapes
- book with the types of leaves and trees (optional)
- cookies and water (this is not an option ;)

We put everything on a backpack and go walking to a beautiful garden near our house,
 Gulbenkian, a great place to visit because of the gardens but also for art exhibitions, music concerts and more.

The activity is to find on the ground different leaves, one from each tree, just one.
They have to stay focus and find the treasures on the ground and follow the clues that autumn leaves.

We found lots of them :)

Pick a place to see what you´ve got and take out your materials.
If you have your book with the different types of leaves, let the kids compare the images with the real leaves. We have talked about the colors, the shapes and found the names of trees that each one corresponded.

Time for washi tape fun :)
Display the leaves in your album or notebook and add them with a bit of washi tape, it looks beautiful right and the kids love to do this.
After write the name of each leaf.

In the end let the kids make some drawings in the page, and then time for coooookies!!!!

This was the book I have used, it´s a wonderful illustrated guide to discover nature.
"Lá Fora" it means outside, check it here

I hope you are inspired to celebrate autumn with your kids, 
wishing you a wonderful weekend :)



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