Autumn Equinox inspiration


Today starts my favorite time of the year, Autumn
I am celebrating this equinox with bits of inspiration, images that make me dream and feel good and remember the beautiful planet we live grateful!
I picked up this images from my Pinterest Board - Autumn 

This pictures are also ideas to do on this beautiful season and the first one is -
 make a leaf crown (all the princesses and queens deserve one ;)


Make a yummy picnic with your family,
 I can even smell the apple pie freshly baked.


Enjoy a relaxed time with home made cookies, a warm tea cup and a notebook or a book.
 I love notebooks, to draw, to write, to make wish lists, to stamp, to splash some watercolors, to day dream :) 
Remember to include quality time just for you, you deserve it!
Project from Alisa Burk

 Make some leaf crafts,
                                        check here this Autumn activity to do with your kids.


Go to a Cabin in the middle of the woods, hummmm... preferably without kids ;)

Be grateful,
 open your eyes and see with a pure heart, with the eyes of a child that sees blessings everywhere.


For last make a list with the things you want to do this season, happy things that make your heart sing.

Autumn bliss

Wishing you a beautiful and happy 
Autumn with lots of flow and abundance.



  1. Thank zou for sharing these photographs. Very inspiring! Anyone who says that they don't like autumn should have a look and change their mind. K.


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