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How to heal through art with the Fairies

How to heal with fairies through painting or any creative process.   I will show you how you can conduct an easy art healing process with the Fairie s: 1- ground yourself on the Earth and breath deeply until you feel grounded. Continue to breath holding the intention of connect also with Source and the Creator . You can also light a candle and/or choose a crystal  2- call the Fairies and Spirit Guides making the intention to heal throughout your creative process. You may say - "Thank you dear Fairies and Spirit Guides for helping me to heal through painting, so grateful for your help and guidance" 3- for a moment feel what materials you need to use in your creative process. May be acrylic paint, watercolor, pastels, collage, pencils or even several materials. Gather the materials needed. 4- in a confident, mindful way feel what you need to do. Because every brush stroke, color and shape are important. In the creative process allow yourself to

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