Invite the sacred

I am really inspired by Flora Bowley and her Bloom true boot camp, I was needing something like this to stretch  myself ;)

The first prompt is - Invite the sacred 

I will share with you how I embrace the Sacred in my daily life and you can discover a little more about me ;)

So I will take a deep breath and start my list :

- Connect - with a heigher source thrue meditation in the morning
- Pray and settle my intentions for my day, family and planet earth
- Burn candles and incense ( not everyday once in a while)
- Create meangningful art and mandalas using my intuition ( love not to know what I am going to create, just going listen my intuition)
- Bless everything around me with love, including my food ( I have teached my kids to do the same, so adorable to watch them bless their food ;)
- Focus on what I want, in what makes me feel happy!
- Spread inspiration in my home with things I love - crystals, images, paintings, books and special pillows, I have one with a mandala ( pic below) and one printed with my painting "Create an amazing life"

- Listen - I really love to listen and follow ( and it works :)
- 11 - is always there, everywhere 
- Grateful for small and big things in my life
- Notice -my body and my emotions 
- Stop and nurture  - when something is not o.k ( and this one took me a long time) stop and reconnect again, close my eyes, breath deeply until I feel aligned again or just do something different like go for a walk - I have to let go the belief that I couldn't stop, and embrace that if I stop for a while everything would be o.k  
- Choose the way - of less resistance!


- Affirmations and powerful words - my word lately is FLOW
- Messages - I love to pic my oracle cards and take messages for my day


- Positive - I like to be positive and spread positivity around me
- music - love to dance and sing out loud, yuhhhuuuu!!!!
- See - see with eyes of love, it makes everything so much easy

Sending love in your direction
have a wonderful sacred day



  1. I love this! Thank you for sharing ♥ I'm going to borrow a few, to make my own little spiritual practice. Something that I can easily do, even on the days I feel at my worst. (And that will hopefully make those days easier to get through)
    So happy i found your blog, I'm going to climb back under the covers and go through your past posts. :)

    1. hi dear Tricia, I am happy that you are going to borrow a few of my practices, they will help you for sure :)


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