Oracle cards - Free for you

You can not imagine how much fun I have, creating this oracle cards for you!
They are colorful, they are sweet, they put a smile on your face, they have words of wisdom, they can be used by mamas and children and they are for you (the best part right :)

First thing to do: click on the image and copy and past to your pictures and then print them out, or make the download here
I print them on a 8x10 photographic paper and they look gorgeous and shiny.

I want to give you some ideas on how to use this babies.

Make a pile and shuffle your cards, use your intuition when to stop and take a card. Think about the message on the card and journal about it. For more fun include some washi tape, painted papers and stamps.
Cut more paper squares and create more cards for your deck - spread some paint or watercolor, make some doodles and write your message.

Take one or two cards and disposed them on a special place, on your altar for example or on your desk so they can inspire you during your day.


You can keep them in a fabric bag for exemple or just put them in a envelope that you can attach to your jounal, emblish with washi tape, make some doodles around the cards , to give them a special place. This one is great to make with your kids.

I really hope you enjoy this gift, it comes from the heart and I wish you have more inspired and fun days with this tiny oracle cards.

Have a wonderful weekend



  1. Oh you a clever chookie .... Love love this idea

  2. Lovely!!. I love your work and this gift is wonderful. Thanks a lot!!. Kisses

  3. É lindo! e obrigada pelas sugestões, gostava de um dia conhecê-la e ver as suas obras ao vivo.

  4. Muito obrigada por partilhar esta ideia maravilhosa, eu já utilizo cartas como um oráculo e estas são espectaculares para oferecer há minha filha- são lindas ! O seu trabalho é mágico Susana e eu identifico-me muito com a sua filosofia de vida! Abracinhos com Muita luz

  5. Wow these are so awesome!!! Thank you for sharring

  6. Thank you! I plan to drop these little inspirations in random locations to bring positive cheer in Oregon. You are a blessing for your gift!


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