Watercolor muses

Muses are flying around my studio lately
 and I feel so honored with their presence and inspiration they bring to me.
These muses are connected with nature, flora and fauna, so they inspire the natural beauty and colorful shades of paint.

I always use my intuitive skills to paint. 
I like to feel the inspiration come to me first and then follow that instinct to start to create.
Feeling the flow of inspiration is the best thing ever, so much fun, so much focus. 

Start with one color and then the other, seeing the watercolor moving and turning into shape and new colors burning from the process. Ohhh my the best thing ever!
My idea with this new muses is to make an exhibition let's see what happens.
Please let me know what you think about them.

My new mini class Heart whispers is up, check the info here

Whisking you a great weekend 
Much love



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