I believe it's a fairy! - watercolor painting

I have a deep connection with our beautiful planet and nature.
In my new home, it's such a privilege to see the greenery around me.
Every morning I bless the day and say hello to the trees, 
the plants and the elementals and I thank them for all the work they do and I ask them,
to bring pure positive energy, fun and creativity into my day.

I believe this words of simply saying thank you, makes all the difference.
You start your day in a intentional day, you are saying what you want in your day and acknowledging 
the beauty and power of this planet.

It always served me to appreciate the world around me, a beautiful circle of giving and receiving.

"To me, being spiritual means...
Whispering to trees,
Laughing with flowers,
Falling with love with sunsets,
Consulting the water
And worshipping the stars.
One hand to my heart. 
One hand to the Earth. 
And sparkles. Tones of them."

Tanya Markus

Did I say, I believe she is a fairy!

(Watercolor painting on watercolor paper A3 size)

Much love,


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