Watercolor Fun - online class registrations open ;D

My new online workshop "Watercolor Fun" is open to receive your registrations :)


This class is inspired by watercolor, where I found a fun and simple way to express myself through art.

                Teaser watercolor fun from Susana Tavares on Vimeo.

The idea of this class is to share with you my own creative process on how to use watercolors on my favorite projects.

We are going to explore:

Tiny Animals
Black and white portraits
Watercolor painting
Tiny books
mix watercolor with other materials 
active meditation with watercolor
you will have sheets for you to keep and print
and more :)

You are going to have videos to each part and make 12 different projects 


Guest artist

Mindy Lacefield

Mindy Lacefield is a mixed media artist who draws inspiration from the nostalgia and rainy days of her childhood. Creating from the heart of a 7 year old, Mindy cherishes the tactile process of painting. As the layers and colors evolve, decisions are made in the process of making mistakes that fosters growth. Surrendering to the outcome of moment. Mistakes are applauded and accidents cherished. It is only through the finished work, allows her to be one with the process. Through surrendering, the most beautiful thing about this creative journey. Stillness is achieved and a new awakening of hearing the voice of God has been. Mindy is a full time artist living in central Arkansas with her husband and two poodles, Merlin and Sammy. She teaches around the country and online. 

You can read more about her journey through her

Watercolor Fun class


This online workshop will start on April 24  and you will have forever access to this class to work at your own pace. .
 You will have the possibility to access the class and view the videos has many times you want ;)
The videos are downloadable


This is an online self-paced class and will be thaught in English only. 

Please find answers to Frequently Asked Questions here.

I believe a bit of creativity everyday can make all the difference in you and the world around you, expressing yourself through color, explore life and connect with your creative spirit, can only make you feel happy.

 “To be creative means to be in love with life. You can be creative only if you love life enough that you want to enhance its beauty, you want to bring a little more music to it, a little more poetry to it, a little more dance to it.” - osho

An inspiring class that goes with the flow, an opportunity to embrace ease and creating in a simple, but beautiful way.
I hope you join me!

"Watercolor fun" class
investement : $79 

Material list:

- watercolor set (I will use from Van Gogh ) -  link on amazon to get the watercolor set
Ecoline watercolor - here is a map where you can find shops near you) or you can use inks
- watercolor paper
- wood board
- watercolor brushes (soft brushes)
- some acrylic paints (colors you love)
- compass
- acrylic markers or gel pens ( I use from winsor and newton, montana, posca...)
- brush pen - black (or calygraphy pen mine is from the Muji store)
- gel medium
- fabric flowers (from the dollar shop)
- cardboard 
- watercolor pencils
- Glue gun
- a bit of fabric
- washi tape
- tissue paper 

"Watercolor fun" class
investement : $79 


  1. Wow, looks like a lovely class! I'm already doing some classes for the moment, so I've putted on my 'wish-list'! I hope to join in the future!
    Smiles from Belgium, Saskia :)

  2. Hi Susana, I love your workshops. I will be in! Yayyyy. The great thing is that it will be forever 24/7. It is awesome because I decided to not join to any workshop with specific period of time. I have a question, I don't have the watercolors brand you will use. I have the small koy and other germany brand. Do you think that I can get the result expected? Do you know any other brand can be more affordable? Thanks in advance. I can't wait!!!!!

  3. Other question, which brand is the little watercolor journal that you are using for the workshop and the size. It appears in your promotion picture. Thanks again!!!!

    1. Hi Mavi dear, so happy that you are joining me in this class. About your questions yes you can use the watercolors you have, I never use that ones but I think they will be fine.
      I will not use journals on the class I will use watercolor paper and a wood board. My journals are from winsor and Newton . Xox

  4. Are you offering a monthly payment plan for this class?


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