Last night, I was in my studio painting and thinking about appreciation. " A walk, appreciating planet Earth"
How appreciation can change everything, making us focus on the good side of life.
When I walk my dog after lunch, I make that time, a time to appreciate, after all we live in this planet, this is our home. Even I live in the middle of the city, I can always find things to appreciate - the sunny day, the trees, the way leaves move with wind, the flower that is blooming in the sidewalk, the clouds with funny shapes, the way someone gives me a beautiful smile, the stillness of that moment....
When we appreciate, that love is coming right back to you, I believe that.

( a very important one ;) 

My online class "Watercolor fun" will open for registrations this Monday 

(12 April), so stay tuned ;)

Wishing you a great, fun weekend
Appreciating your support and love

Thank you!


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