Magic is something you make!

While I am working on my new online class "Watercolor fun", filming, editing, organizing.... I make some tiny, tiny breaks to play a bit on my studio. Paper tags are perfect because they can make small but beautiful pieces of art and I really have fun making these.
In fact the tag above will be in the Watercolor Fun class has tutorial ;)

Today I have finished this one with the quote "Magic is something you make", because really it is what I feel. Believing in yourself, focus on what you want, act and expect the best is something magical.
Really!!!!! your point of view changes everything and with a glimpse (a thought) everything ajust to what you believe. That is making magic!
Wishing you a great weekend


  1. What a beautiful post Susana!! Your words are always so wise and inspiring.
    I love your gorgeous bookmarks and I am so excited about the watercolour fun class!! Will it be coming soon?
    Vicky ♥

    1. Hi dear Vicky thank you for your words :) about the class yes, she is almost done :):):)
      I will open registrations very very soon. Xox


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