Painting my muse / goddess

A muse Is a woman, or a force personified as a woman, who is the source of inspiration for a creative artist.
  1. synonyms:Inspiration, creative influence, stimulus, stimulation; rare afflatus
    "the poet's muse"


I have been thinking about my muse and how she looks like and what are her values. After dreaming with my muse I discovered that she is very feminine and sensitive, very natural, sweet but full of strength , connected with Mother Earth and she always in blossom, full of flowers embracing and helping her with their kind spirit.



I was inspired to create 3 muses and I have started by writing on my wood board words that represents the way I feel about my muse, that was a very intuitive process, the way I usually like to work ;)
With those intentions and words in mind, I started to spread paint and feeling the presence of my muses.


After some layers I found them :) see some more pictures


I have to thank to Alena Hennessy and her 30 days of grace that give me the push to go deeper with this subject. It's good when you give yourself time to feel and honor your truth, steps that make you discover you divine self, your wisdom and your power.

Be inspired!


P.s - I believe my art is to be shared if you are interested in having one of these special pieces they are available in my shop -


  1. Adoro as tuas musas, parabéns.
    Isabel Alves (lima Limão- face book)


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