Flow and Paint art class -teaching in person in Italy / Milano


I am starting this year inviting the adventure into my life, maybe you wanna join me in this "in person" class Flow and Paint, that is going to happen in Italy near Milano.
In this class we will connect with our soul, embrace our intuition and express ourselves through painting and mixed media techniques.
I will partnership with my dear friend and art teacher Simona Anghileri in this Flow and Paint class.

when? this adventure is going to happens on the 21 March 2015 
 What a wonderful way to celebrate spring and blossom like flower exploring creativity :)

Check the video that Simona has prepared 

I hope you Join Us!!!!!

More info and registration here



  1. Congratulations Susana~ This is very exciting !! :) I visited Milano before and it's a very lovely city especially to create beautiful arts !!

    1. Hi Sunny Lee I have never been there but I super happy to go there and make art with a group of wonderful woman <3 xox


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