what makes you feel happy?


Hey you, make more of what makes you happy!

So important, when you are happy, that magic energy spreads around you and you are contributing for the happiness, well being of you and the world around you.

For me painting with vibrant happy colors, make happy girls , hear a great music, dance around the house... and more makes me feel alive and happy :)

What do you want to make more, that makes you feel happy?

I would love that you share it with me :)

while you are thinking you can dance with me 



  1. Happiness is...
    Family, Faith, Love, Art, Nature, and Animals!

  2. Your colorful, playful artwork makes me happy! I love vivid colors, spending time in nature, spending time with my family. Today is going to be a happy day!

    1. Hi Amy thank you!!!!! yes today it's going to be a very HAPPY day ;)

  3. Replies
    1. thank you dear Lorraine , for you too lots of happiness !!!!!!

  4. I always feel happy when I look at your beautiful artwork All the colour and energy makes my heart sing with joy!! The wild sea, nature and fresh air all make me happy and also cute things and wonderful friends :)
    Thank you for sharing the wonderful music.
    Hugs Vicky ♥ ♥

    1. thank you dear Vicky, that is so important to me :) sending happy thought, happy moments and happy sweet things in your direction :) xo


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