An inspirational painting for me

Last night I started painting a canvas for my home, sometimes has an artist I forget to create pieces to inspire me I always have in my mind how can I inspire others. So this time I decide to paint a bird with a vibrante green background with the words " Today I am choosing happiness" , a painting to bring intention to my daily life, choosing to live happy and inspired. 

and it looks great with my painted lampshade ;)

I really bealieve a simple painting can change or bring a new fresh energy to spaces and people.
So I glad that I have inspired myself today ;)

Have a wonderful day and if you like choose happiness.


  1. Just great ... But the one with the girl I imagine that you have painted too, and it's ... wonderful!. I totally agree with you. It's wonderful to have beatiful things next to us. :)

    1. Hi Lola yes I have painted that one to :) thank you dear.

  2. It's so lovely to see your beautiful home. I love the lamp and your sweet little painting. I think we definitely need to inspire ourselves as artists and you've inspired me too, thankyou Susana! :)
    Jess x

    1. Hi jess so glad I have inspired you, our homes should be warm and inspiring place for us and our family, so important to feel well . xox Susana

  3. Your bird is so lovely! Yes, happiness is a choice, isn't it? I adore your painted lampshade, too!

  4. Love your new painting, looks great hanging up. Thank you for sharing.


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